Coffee: A Tonic of the Will

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Ernst Jünger regards coffee as an energetic drink, while he considers tea a phantasticum. While coffee seems to have a tonic effect on the will, tea is superior, he says, because it stimulates the imagination. This perspective is understandable coming from the quintaessential artist.

It should be noted, though, that earlier in his life, as he recalls in his war memoir "The Storm Of Steel", Jünger was drinking copious amounts of the aphotic elixir to keep up with his duties as a warrior. In this issue the artist and the warrior/entrepreneur part ways. The boldest plans are conceived and executed under the strengthening influence of coffee. The aryan appropiated this exotic beverage by conquest and trade, and its faustian characteristics were quickly discovered by our forefathers.

Young, entreprising aryans should only drink water and coffee, rejecting any other beverage as poison (with the exception of fermented or distilled drinks on special occassions).

As an example of the energizing powers of coffee, this sharp and exalted piece extolling its qualities was crafted under the benign influence of the cimmerian ambrosia.

Bronze Age Pervert

I am having some right now I just woke up. I always have it black with no sugar or milk!!

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