Bring Back Ganymede

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He is the soul of Salo, and the best poster here. Bring him back now!!


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Who is Ganymede? Has he ever posted at other circle of crust sites?


I like Ganymede and would like him back as well.

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His week-long suspension is almost up although i'm pretty sure he's here as a non-posting member who has recently signed up.



Anglo Chachi has won the debate.

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I blame the movie "The 300," what with its tight leather undies and all. It was bound to convert a few gays to the right wing, and vice versa.

Expecting a war and gore film to draw the male audience, the producers decided to defy historical accuracy and depict the Spartans as nearly nude in combat so to draw females into the audience. I've known a few women who have kept their eyes on the screen just for a look at rippling, glistening, alpha males screaming and making o-faces... but in a society so teeming with faggots half the men watching it are not interested in the epic of ancient civilizations contending or of courageous and principled bloodshed.
Also, if not for the Torah verse against homosexuality, and the Republican Party's dependence on Christians, American fags would quickly embrace the right. They have nothing to bind them to the feminists, racial egalitarians, abortionists, secularists, pacifists, environmentalists, gun-control advocates or any of the corners of the leftist tent but that they are rejected by the White Christian plurality.

that was a gif of them making out :thumbsdown: