Gavin McInnes hates potheads

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Niccolo and Donkey

Gavin McInnes looks a little like the bassist from Husker Du.

Pot sucks for music and writing - flat out. It brings out all of your worst aspects and you play terribly when on it. What I really, REALLY hate about pot, though, is the culture around it - you know, the kids (and often adults) that giggle and think they're linked up in a subversive undertaking. It's not! For Christ's sake, just smoke the damn thing - don't make out as though you're personally testing the "police state."

Which is another thing - the number of tiresome acquaintances who have turned into both severe potheads and what they think of as "political activists," though their "activisms" is usually limited to incessantly posting links on Facebook and smoking up in the park, or decrying the "sheeple."


Apologies for the amount of quotation marks, which make me look like a douche. Or a "douche."


Weed is good for: long walks in the woods alone, sex, a relaxing thing to do at the end of the day - usually associated with watching a movie or TV.

Weed is terrible for: parties, any sort of work, really anything public/social that doesn't just involve three or less of your best friends.

Weed is best with a little bit of cocaine sprinkled on top or maybe with some tobacco mixed in. 'Weed Culture' is next to retarded as people from all walks of life enjoy it. Anything that is so open and inclusive can't really called a culture, now can it? Just like America...

President Camacho
I can't speak on music but that's definitely true re: reading and writing. Hunter S Thomson I think said that marijuana was the only drug where he just couldn't write anything while under the influence, and he wrote on just about all of them.

Mathematics seems like a different story though. I'm not a math whiz but I know lots of math guys who say smoking-- just a little-- can enhance mathematic performance. Then of course there's physicist Carl Sagan, who late in life admitted that he smoked weed every day. But it's quite possible this is merely a Jewish misdirection play...

In general though McInnes is correct in that while weed can enhance certain recreational activities it's an absolute lie that it enhances everything in a positive manner.

Aryan ET still smokes weed multiple times per day and he imagines that he's being hunted across Oz by a gang of Lebanese armed with gardening tools and screaming for his neanderthal blood.

I'm sure glad those days are behind me...

I have to back track a bit on that - playing live is terrible, but recording is a different matter, especially when using a non-fretted instrument. Pot allows you to concentrate on pitch and do multiple takes when bowing - there's a producer/engineer I work with that has brought out the weed when I bow, knowing that it allows me to become absorbed in the task, which becomes tedious otherwise.

For laying down basic rhythm tracks it's horrible, though - robs you completely of whatever edge you have. I can see how it would be good for mathematical tasks, though.

like this guy:

I agree cannabis robs people of their ambition. A good friend is a heavy smoker, he says that being high is the only way he can write programs and scripts and other computer shit I don't know or care about. I do not like being stoned at work. I have nearly quit smoking herbs, now I eat it (much stronger effect and it relieves me of my feminine cramps) and have been experimenting with alcohol and glycerin based tinctures.

Cannabis seems to be a middle class thing. At least in my experience. Some kind of rite of passage for well off kids to partake of and feel like they're bucking their own laws sans any real danger or commitment to vice.

Squares drink, deviants who genuinely like drugs and don't mind trashing themselves like skag or nothing, rich kids who want to irritate their square parents but who at the same time disdain real vice smoke weed. Maybe the younger generation is different but this is what I saw in my youth.

I've never used drugs in my life, even relatively tame ones like pot. Am I missing out?