The Organizers vs. the Organized in Zuccotti Park

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Niccolo and Donkey
O'Zebedee SteamshipTime

Shades of the squabbles between the Anarchists and the Communists/Republicans during the Spanish Civil War.

From the shoutbox:

  1. [​IMG] O'Zebedee : Important statement on drumming: !
  2. [​IMG] niccolo and donkey : i can't watch it
  3. [​IMG] niccolo and donkey : gimme da gist
  4. [​IMG] O'Zebedee : It's people talking quite seriously in a formal council setting about the rights of drummers at OWS.
  5. [​IMG] O'Zebedee : At one point there's a shot of a guy barely concealing a grin while he watches and listens.
  6. [​IMG] niccolo and donkey : anarchists always end up defeating themselves by arguing about minutiae while events move past them
  7. [​IMG] O'Zebedee : Yes, the monolith of American evil must be brought down, but we must also speak of the joy of the snare
  8. [​IMG] O'Zebedee : That's exactly what's going on.

Fucking drum circles. To paraphrase Goering, every time I see a drum circle I wonder what it would look like after I'd emptied a mag into it.

Team Zissou

I prefer the drumming to the "empathy tables." And the "human microphone."