Esoteric Races of Men

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President Camacho
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Resurrecting an old topic, this thread is dedicated to showcasing human archetypes that transcend the natural racial classifications.

Dolphin-faced men:

Cillian Murphy

Steve Nash

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong, with fashion accessory

Are these men all simply "Brunns"? Or are there negroid and Oriental dolphin-faced men as well?


Cillian Murphy is a man of power.


Bob Dylan Roof

depigmented mesocephalic potato niggers


'Esoteric races' are identicial to physiognomic types. Every part of the human or animal face, especially the eyes, nose, cheeks, and chin, have intellectual and characterological associations. To take the above portrait as an example, we can see from the eversion of the lower lip the presence in this individual of an active (as opposed to passive) tendency to sensual gratification, while the shape of the nose suggests a propensity to rapid emotions and quick (but superficial) thoughts. His large, wide-set blue eyes suggest an extreme sensibility, a character difficult to manage, prone to enjoyment and curiosity, but also to extreme suspicion and jealousy.


Niccolo and Donkey

I was enjoying a snack while looking at this thread, and for reasons unknown to me, I started to feel nauseous when seeing the faces of these men. I actually had to get their images off the screen in order to finish eating. There is something about this type that I don't like and which disgusts me. Subjective observations aside, I know and have known people that resemble various types of animals. If we associate animals with some of the various physical types, we might be venturing into some hidden knowledge. It also begs the question... is everyone that appears human really human? Or fully human?

Gruppenführer Glitter

I think the odd feelings evoked from looking at those faces has to do more with the remarkable symmetry. I wouldn't call them ugly but there is something strange about looking at an almost perfectly symmetrical face.

Stars Down To Earth

Ever since watching the show Misfits , I always thought the actor Iwan Rheon has a very strange and fish-like face:


And again, here:


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