Foreign Policy Magazine's Germany Paranoia (Deutschland Erwachen?)

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Niccolo and Donkey
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Foreign Policy is a shitty magazine, usually on jihad against Vladimir Putin and tilting towards the Dems domestically albeit solidly behind the Duopoly on foreign policy matters with little dissent.

Now they're ringing the bell about an insurgent Germany....

Germany's Not That Sorry Anymore :

Most of the people that reside on these forums consider Jews to be wholly responsible for "wielding this moral baseball bat" but it's wider than that; Germany is to be hit with it whenever it gets out of line because that war also represents the "Good War" for the Brits, Americans and other allies. It is very, very convenient.

A wonderful development. Schroeder is truly a man of vision and has gone into the private sphere by taking lead on Nordstream.

It seems that the German refusal to continue bailouts is upsetting those who wish to see Germany hurt by the global economic downturn.
Team Zissou
Niccolo and Donkey

Team Zissou
Who pays for this crap? :hmm:

He's been a Ph.D. Candidate for the past FOUR YEARS. How does he even earn enough money to eat? I need to get a job spouting random liberal bullshit.
Niccolo and Donkey
What kind of random liberal bullshit would you spout if you had the opportunity?

What do you expect from a magazine founded by Samuel Huntington and one Warren Manshel who, according to wikipedia , "went to school with Henry Kissinger" in addition to co-founding The Public Interest with Irving Kirstol. Just more hysterical garbage from another neocon/neoliberal shtetl .

Of course , they hate Germany, the one Western country which is actually doing well in this terrible economy along with Switzerland and Russia. Who's next? Finland? No doubt due to those pesky True Finns who also oppose the EU bailouts, open borders and austerity measures.


I wonder when the Americans will start caring what kind of stuff gets printed in their well known foreign policy publications? Having this little twerp shoot his mouth off comes at a cost. Well one of the things that's been clear over the last 10yrs or so is that all sorts of people have been making up American foreign policy and if the neocons don't like the way things are going they just do what they want anyway. No team unity with those guys.

There really isn't any more to it than that. What other way could one show the vitality of the institution which is "the lender of last resort" other than bailouts? This has to do with globalist banker interests.
Team Zissou
I'd recycle old Tom Friedman and Paul Krugman columns. I figure if I stay about 3 years behind nobody will notice.