Should Taxpayers Fund Separate Schools for Bullied and Trannie Children?

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President Camacho
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Bob Dylan Roof

I can understand a parent's concern for their child's well-being when they're being mercilessly teased because of their passivity or abnormal behavior. But I wonder how many heterosexual misfits and dysgenic pariahs will end up seeking protection under the gay victimization umbrella and choosing a gay lifestyle because of the political benefits.

[​IMG] It's good that they're bringing the school's services to the city's most dysfunctional populations. In Chicago, the negro homosexuals brought mob violence and murder when they started migrating to the SWPL Boystown.
Niccolo and Donkey
el greco

would you plow the white one?

I have a friend who lived on the outskirts of Boystown. He told me that there was this gang of trannies (presumably white) who would hang out on the street and yell at passersby, "Excuse me, sir, excuse me, SIR.. can I suck your dick?" When he told me this I burst out laughing, but my friend found them to be vile and somewhat frightening.

With you on inevitability of social decline with an increase of a Negro population to any neighborhood. White flight = common sense.