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Niccolo and Donkey

This is like a Michael Haneke film - deeply depressing and mordantly funny - except without the middle class.

Niccolo and Donkey
It's beautifully shot. Very high quality.

Also, this woman on the right is an anomaly; she's actually attractive.

Bob Dylan Roof

leisure lifestyle subsidized by the accumulated capital of the west[ern male] + atomization of the family unit through government subsidies, secularization, moral degeneration + fifty years of dysgenic prole breeding = surrogate "family" of high-time preference drug addicts

gus vasa

I can't watch these vids. They put me in a state of near murderous rampage.

Another argument for the Draft.

Ridiculously so - we must, like John Wayne in The Searchers , steal her back from the Juggalos and proceed with reintegration into society. Also, I and I alone will be allowed to see her breasts.

Terrifying stuff. Genuinely terrifying. The Chinese must be licking their lips.

Bronze Age Pervert

I resent not having been tagged on this thread. I have an interest in juggalos and extermination.

President Camacho
Actually by American standards almost all the juggs in that video are "middle class".... maybe that's part of the problem; these people are shockingly blind to their real place on the totem pole.
President Camacho

I'd like to meet that juggalo brain surgeon...