Sound advice for young men on dealing with women

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Art Fag

Point 4, final sentence. I really hope it is not so, yet I myself thought that it might be a couple of times. I'm actually in that situation now.

Regarding p.9 - I'd add, spend more time outside of your home with other people in general. Both men and women. Learn to communicate, learn social skills early - understand your position in most bunches of guys when they gather together. If you see that you constantly become the lowest valued person in a discussion, think why, see where you are lacking. Preferrably, some of them to be above your age to be your mentors. Men need mentors, nothing comes naturally, unless you have a very hard life from the start. And don't talk only about crap and jokes - talk about life, goals, achivement. Never hesitate to ask for advice, it can be really useful if taken from the right people. If you are blessed with being born into a well-to-do respectable family, these things may come too late to still be actionable.

p.3 - men are only in theory less emotional, then women. You'll meet a lot of men, who are much more emotional. That's not age or lack of masculinity in general. That's due to insecurity (that's the reason why females are emotional - constant feeling of physical insecurity as well as realization of having a de facto follower-not-leader status in life leads to stress). That's why fags tend to be the most emotional types of men - very insecure about sexuality and life choice. Or black people- very insecure about social standing and race, unless they achieve enough to calm down their anxiety. If you are overemotional, try to analyze, what really is pushing so hard on your nerves - maybe that you deep down realize, that you are not the man you want to be?

1. I love hearing people's religious and irreligious beliefs. The 'keep your opinions to yourself' mindset is silly.
2. Nature doesn't intend anything. And most men who're circumcised as adults report that it's the same or better than before. I wouldn't have it done to any boy in my care, though, the risk of botching it such that it does have a negative consequence is too high.
3. I've meet too many emotional, needy bitch-men who get great and plenty pussy to believe all women want self-reliant, strong and stoic guys.

This dude is no sage.

It's like oldguyfag wrote that piece for me.

I'm glad you posted this. I saw this a while back and thought the advice was pretty accurate.

# 7 seems arbitrary but it is spot on. When I read the last sentence I immediately pictured a 40 year old female coworker who fits this description to a tee.

# 15 is great too. I remember coming to this realization some years ago and feeling like I had reached some epiphany. I didn't, of course, but the statement still stands. The same goes for loyalty. Loyalty and honor are strictly male values.