Disfranchisement of the Golden Billion

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Elite isn't national, its transnational, hence the only problem that the US citizens may solve, is their own government. You simply can't target the elite, its home is located in the private planes or ships of the owner. There's nowhere to drop a bomb.

The guys in the hotels as soon as you try to tackle them, will be on their way to Hong Kong, and their money - out of your economy and moving into other, safer markets. There's no evident solution to the problem.

The economics is already global. And since its already global, there are no new markets, unless we move to the moon or find some other civilization to trade with. Hence as with any market, as soon as all possible resources have been tapped into the global economy, it starts to turn into monopolist capitalism with huge share of capital concentrating for each industry in less than a dozen of business holdings.

And the elite, that runs these monopolies, doesn't really care about any nation only about wealth.

The only thing that saves the US pops is that the US is the single biggest market in the world and because of that its a de facto HQ for the global elite, but make no mistake - these people do not act in the American interests beyond keeping the HQ safe and thus - the proles more or less well be fed to make sure, they don't revolt.

National sovereignity globally is disappearing very fast - look at Greece or Ireland. These are already de facto countries with external governing, new colonies.

And its a global process.

Recolonization of Third World and colonization of the First and Second world though, may lead to two-tier colonialism. The Elites manage the biggest players, first-tier colonies, biggest world economies, while these players like France or Russia or the US will try to find their own colonies - second-tier colonies subsidiary to first-tier colonies to prop their financial situation and keep the situation stable and manageable at home - hence the current situations in Egypt, Syria, Lybia. Change of Management is taking place.

And like with every monopolist market, as soon as global market becomes monopolist, it begins to decay. When competition ends (and its already over), monopolies themselves will be managed worse and worse with each year, hence to grow their incomes or at least keep them stable, they'll begin the process of disfranchisement of the biggest players in the economy - and the first victim will be the Golden Billion, who is too rich, and serves no purpose and can be quickly robbed (cheap proles in Asia have nothing to be robbed of to begin with).

Its global slavery we are talking about, and each next generation will be living worse, than the previous one.

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It's Jews, and no one wants to say it. The Tea Party rallies against the Federal Reserve and Socialism, Adbusters against Wall Street and corporate banks, Arab Chimpers against secular despots, European Chimpers against the EU... and it's Jews all the way around. It's been Jews for the last two centuries, and it continues to be Jews. Throngs of bitching, moaning, whining gentiles pouring into the streets around the world, with a hundred different ideologies, solutions, and angles... and they can not utter the word.