Coptic Christians being killed by the Egyptian Military

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and so it goes.....


To the US, Canada, and Australia with the other Copts they will go.
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Democracy is profoundly unhealthy for the area, or at least for its minority populations. As the state democratises, attaining greater identification between the (Muslim) rulers and ruled in tandem with democratic legitimacy, the Copts become ever more an enemy group in the eyes of the state.

Niccolo and Donkey
Yes, prone to being perceived as western agents due to their cultural affinity with foreigners.

It's interesting, but with Gaddafi's removal, Saddam's removal, and now Mubarak's removal, we are moving towards Huntington's thesis. Assad is next on the chopping block.

What this does is further demarcate civilizational lines as secularist, nationalist regimes are removed and Islamists fill the vacuum. The effect is to degrade any European-Arab friendship as Europeans have traditionally had good ties with secular regimes in this region. Israel benefits as its opponents are therefore branded as religious extremists, but this in itself is a very dangerous game to play.
At one stage, the European Right (by this I mean the likes of de Benoist and, certainly in the days of Saddam, Le Pen) were supportive of many of these states. They saw in them potential allies against both communism and Americanism. I doubt they would be so well disposed now.

Israel loses because it is no longer able to play its "only democracy in the region card" (as if we should have cared); her enemies are now (or are becoming) legitimate on the terms Israel has sought to define.
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We're seeing the wholesale removal of Christians from these lands and through this any ties between the ME and Europe.

Huntington is once again gaining currency, but in a roundabout way.
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That would be true except that democratically-elected Islamist regimes are branded by media as "undemocratic" and Americans at least seem to swallow this logical fallacy with relative ease.

I'll welcome them here. Too bad we can't ship a boatload of niggers back in exchange.
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Muslims, Christians clash in Egypt after Prophet Mohammed drawing posted online