Best video commercials of all time

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This topic is dedicated to the best cycle of video commercials I ever seen, in any country or language.

Its a cycle of commercials by the Russian Imperial Bank, which built the whole spin on replaying dramatic/funny/tragic pieces of history: from Ivan the Terrible, to the Great Inca, to Konrad III, to Napoleon, some of these ads a truly masterpieces, more like mini-movies.

Here are some of my favourites, the Dmitry Donskoi commercial.


The narrator says in Russian: "They've never defeated Mongols. And their fathers never defeated Mongols. And their grandfathers never defeated Mongols. And they KNEW, that defeating Mongols is impossible"


Ivan the Terrible.


Ivan: DARKNESS IS UPON US. Darkness! Boyars have looted the treasury of the Russian land! Generals don't want to be the defenders of christian folk and surrender Rus for the taking to Lithuania, Khans, Germans! Each one thinks only about his own wealth, forgetting about Fatherland!

Therefore, following my heart's great pity, I shall again take reign of all the lands and rule them autocratically!

Random guy: And what will the conditions be? *quiter* what are the conditions, eh?

Ivan: You will find out later.