US Military Homosexual Ban (DADT) Repealed

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The policy known as 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' (DADT), which banned open homosexuals from serving in the US armed forces, has been repealed, after being in effect for eighteen years.

I remember when newly elected Bill Clinton tried to force open homosexuals into the military against the wishes of the brass. At this time, recruiters actively weeded homosexuals out, actively asking personal questions. DADT was spun as a compromise. Now the liberals/"progressives" have got exactly what they initially wanted. DADT is a textbook example of how "conservatives" routinely, seemingly inexorably, lose by halves.

I am interested on opinions on what impact this policy change might have on US military morale and fighting ability, if any.


Being that "don't tell" was already part of policy, the compromise was entirely with the "don't ask." The order that came out today said it will still be punishable to ask. That means the fags basically took 50% then and now have 150%.

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Schmeisser how will this affect the Marine corps? Will recruitment go down? What are your friends saying, are they planning not to reenlist? Will it affect training standards and the like. What can one do these days to get military training.