Student protests in Chile

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The ongoing student demonstrations in Chile began as a protest over the costs, profits, and fairness of higher education there. They have since attracted other segments of Chilean society venting frustration over wages, health care, and other issues. Uniting the protesters is common dissatisfaction with hugely unpopular President Sebastian Pinera and social inequality. Workers joined a 48-hour general strike in August which, like many demonstrations during the course of the protests, was met with police using tear gas and water cannons on the participants. With changes in the education system still unsettled, the student protests are likely to continue. Chileans yesterday celebrated their national independence day.


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Anyhoo, why don't you ever hear about students protesting college itself as an inefficient, government-subsidized cartel? Why aren't they marching in the streets demanding an end to education credentialing so educators become cheap and abundant? Why aren't they writing editorials demanding that businesses and their customers foot the bill for testing and training of employees instead of offloading it on to students and colleges?


This is hardcore: