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Niccolo and Donkey
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I need you to research Zvonimir Matic and the Spanish city of Zaragoza. Supposedly he was a mayor there during the Franco era and was an Ustasha who fled to Spain in 1945.

Doesn't seem to exist. Any more info, sources?

Niccolo and Donkey
Only one source that I came across just now. Might be bullshit but I don't speak Spanish.

Is there a list of Zaragoza mayors anywhere?

Zaragoza is like the 4th-5th most important spanish city. It looks like an excessively important reward to give to an Ustasha guy. Plus municipalities are a very candent issue in Spain -- spaniards wouldn't accept to be ruled by a foreigner on a local level.
Niccolo and Donkey
That makes sense. He at most was probably a mayor of some small town/village on the outskirts of Zaragoza.

Ok, I found him. It's funny, the source is in Aragonés, the language spoken by a minority of inhabitants of the region where Zaragoza is.

The article is about the first democratic local elections in Zaragoza. It lists a certain Zvonimir Putizza Matich, not as a major ("alcalde"), but as "teniente de alcalde", literally "lieutenant major" or "vice major". It's a very important position in the municipality. The author says "it's surprising to see this foreign surname among those present there, Zvonimir Putizza, who was a croatian doctor".

That's all I have for the moment. He must be a very obscure character if the only source I can find is in Aragonés.

Niccolo and Donkey
I never heard about him until yesterday. All I know is that he was a surgeon and fled to Spain in 1945. He was either an Ustasha or was afraid that the communists would execute him.

This is post-Franco....was his position an elected one? With which party was he associated, if any at all?

I've just realized what the problem finding information about him was. Sources refer to him as Zvonimir Putizza, not as Zvonimir Matic. Is Putizza something like a second name? More sources incoming -- I've found an obituary in a francoist 1973 paper about the death of his father, Petar Putizza Juricich, full of details about both of them.

Niccolo and Donkey
Putizza is the Spanish form of Putica (same pronunciation). I imagine that it's a nickname but i have cousins of cousins with that surname. I really don't know. If his father is Petar Putizza Juricich, then their surname might be Putica...but Matic and Juricic are both surnames. I'm thinking that he's from Hercegovina, town of Ljubuski with all those names being thrown around.

Post that obit.

Mr. Petar Putizza Juricich has died in Rijeka (Croatia). He was the father of the illustrious contributor to "El Pirineo Aragones", and great jacetano (1), Dr. Zvonimir Putizza Matich.

With great sorrow we find out about the passing in Rijeka (Croatia) of Mr. Petar Putizza Juricih, father of our illustrious and beloved contributor Dr. Zvonimir Putizza Matich, a man who feels our Jacetania as his own.

Known by many jaquenses personally, and through our publication by all our readers, the illustrious Dr. P. Matich, a vascular cardiology specialist, has found in Spain his second fatherland, after the events that took place in Europe during and after World War II.

A great friend of us, Dr. Matich is not only an extraordinary medical practicioner, but also a great journalist who publishes mainly in "El Noticiero" of Zaragoza, and in our magazine. A man who loves our mountains and the city of Jaca, Dr. Matich has had the painful experience of losing his beloved father in the distant Croatia.

For his generosity and his great personality, Dr. Matich, who lives in Zaragoza, where he has rebuilt his life, is a very prestigious figure, and his popularity translated in his electoral victory as a councillor of the immortal city, obtaining the first place among those elected by family suffrage.

In this moments of great sorrow, we send our regards to his wife Mari Luz, his sons, and the rest of the family -- We have no doubts that his beloved father, example of a thoroughly christian and catholic home, is now enjoying the delights of our Father's dwelling. Rest in Peace.

(1) Jacetano : Inhabitant of Jaca, a city in the northernmost part of Aragon, at the feet of the Pyrinees.