Borders flagship bookstore shuts its doors for good

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ANN ARBOR (WXYZ) - The flagship Border's store on East Liberty Street is closing its doors for good Monday.

Many people have been stopping by the store to get last minute deals. Most of the books are being sold for 90 percent off the sale price. The store has stood at this location since 1971 but has been in downtown Ann Arbor for about forty years. This year, the company had filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. "It's a real sad day... my office has been across the street,” says longtime customer Perry Engstrom, “I don't have anything to do on my lunch any more."

Another sign was placed on the door reading, “No Public Restrooms. Try Amazon.” Those who came to get some deals say the forty thousand square foot building is a fixture in the city. Ann Marie Koukious says, "I remember years ago when I was a kid we used to come here. "Koukious is one of many people buying bookshelves, racks and all types of memorabilia. Customer Paul Shaffner says, “I bought a few pieces of sheet metal... and one display case. "The building once stood as a Jacobson’s department store, but a lot of shoppers say they will always remember it as a Borders.