Gobineau on Haiti

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Bronze Age Pervert

Some funny reflections from Gobineau on Haiti, where I think he was ambassador for a while. I think the parallels to arguments against globalization today are also very interesting. Gobineau and Tocqueville (they corresponded) agreed on the supremacy of culture, the national spirit, the unwritten law, over the written law and the form of government...

Bob Dylan Roof

This is a great quote.

I see that Gobineau affirms the Generative theory of constitutions over the liberal propositional theory. The existence of failed experiments with liberal-democratic regimes outside of European-controlled territories already suggested problems with the liberal propositional theory in the 19th century, and yet we're forced to endure total public subservience to the idea on the left and the right and continue to prop up new Costaguanas.

Let us hope that our mulattoes [​IMG] stop agitating for wealth redistribution on behalf of minorities who ultimately resent them.

Niccolo and Donkey
This was the case when whites and aristocracy was in power, of which Gob was a part, but:

1 The US's one-drop rules (created to avoid intermixture altogether) force mulattoes into a black political structure and (even full white Latin Americans into a "Latino" polity) rather than the intermediate castes that existed in French, Dutch and Iberian empires who had higher privileges than lower types and thus loyalty to white rule. 'American rules' are now reflected in pop culture and critical theory worldwide.

Even the post-Lincoln North-South division is an example of the misapplication of "consistent application," which forced the Southerner into accepting blacks as citizens, but limiting their negative influence through what we know as 'systemic racism', which still confuses northern moralists ('equal but separate') and respect to civilized blacks with a 'hypocritical' rejection of intermixture and ghetto criminals allowed to thrive in Detroit, Cleveland and New York. The moralist, at least the kind that agitated for abolition, sees the the civilized mulatto as proof of black equality, whereas the Southerner (as a type, I mean) upholds the fullblown Negro who doesn't stab him as an Uncle Tom/mammy family-figure against the others. When the non-Southerner is a bit more 'racist', he often still supports the assimilated nonwhite - the Asian, the Mestizo, the Mulatto in his circle and demographic illusion, which he doesn't recognize as distinct from the greater population of his minorities and world majority, and which in this climate is allowed to mix with his own bloodline, which only creates more 'civilized' color at the same rate as the uncivilized, at the loss of the group culture and constitutional form originate.

2 Once the collective nonwhite power exerted itself if through sheer numbers alone, intermediate castes lost their value as a buffer, since the intermediates have to prove themselves to the colored world power now (which whites themselves are under the pressure), whether it's a mestizo in Latin America or a half-Kenyan wanting to rise in the white but colored-impacted hierarchy.

Both create the worst possible option: relatively intelligent leaders working on behalf of Bixnood-like hordes alone. Something similar is represented by 'assimilated' Jewry who sat between Europe and Asia and became the natural aristocracy of the Afroeurasian, since they have a higher raw talent but cannot be criticized for high privileges if they support the worst, and inversely, cannot be identified as a separate type.

In short the "shoreline" keeps expanding and will do so until it is rejected as a function of the center of the island.
Bronze Age Pervert

Welund I agree with a lot of what you say, but the old categories still exist in South America and elsewhere in the world. One of my best friends in Brazil is a middle-aged corrupt lawyer straight out of a Graham Greene novel (he chimped once in a restaurant frequented by pimps and prosties, chimped at a Leb strip club owner...mimicked bellydancing music; he also chimped in restaurants, drunk, screaming out about using a toothbrush on women's pussies). Anyway this man is a mulatto, a quite dark-skinned mulatto who would unambiguously be considered black in the US; but nobody there refers to him as black, and he often told me of his great contempt for blacks. He calls himself a "French Moroccan" lol; often spoke about his desire to marry a blonde woman and have lighter-skinned children than himself.

So these categories still exist elsewhere, even in Europe where France, Gobineau's country, has long had a fascination with mulattoes. In the US these categories don't exist and, as you point out, even fully white "Hispanics" end up hamming it up and pretending to have a different political identity. Which is why the net effect of affirmative action in the US will be, absurdly, to replace an Anglo or Anglified white political elite with Spanish one. That's why Steve Sailer calls it Catherine of Aragon's revenge. And I guessed that it's part of a long Habsburg-Bourbon conspiracy.