Why salvation lies with successful entrepreneurship

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It is absolutely unquestionable, that proles by their sheer nature, lack any capability of analyzing the events, that suprass one month, i.e. the typical period long enough for them to piss away their paychecks, hence politics guided by prole interests, prole idolatry and prole spokesmen is destinied to be futureless, moneyless and essentially agressive to the level of complete stupidity.

Only people, who are successful at live, at achieving, at struggling against the odds of everchanging tides of life itself, deserve the moral right to judge right decisions from wrong ones.

A person who never took any responsibility for anything in his life, being nothing but a monkeyjob-doer for office or factory slavedrivers, can't be seriously expected to turn into a serious statesmen, who'd envisage the future of his country 10, 20 or 100 years from now.

Statesmenship is very much similar to enterpreneurship - you have to estimate short-term and long-term goals, establish points of value, coherent strategy and audit lists. It's goal is also very similar to that of enterpreneurs - to encourage, increase and grow by acceptable means the capitalization of enterprise, be it company or statehood.

A lot of people view corporate politics as 'soulless', but let me ask you - as opposed to what? As opposed to no-smoking bans of hypocrites who engage in paedophilia behind the scenes? As opposed to flamboyant demagoguery, aimed at simply saying the things that 'sound right', but which the state actually has no business to meddle with? As oppossed to politics of passive-agressive feminization of society, whereas you are expected to cry your heart out, watching syrian "rebels" financed by the CIA being stomped by riot police?

This is even worse than soulless politics - this is politics of emotions, politics of constant exaltation and hysteria, where the value of actions is judged not by goals, means and perceived outcome, but solely by the debilitating proclaimed goal of do-gooding.

Politicians want you to believe, that a state can be run like a family, not like a company, with a fatherly figure, who's out there to look after you, which could be more further from the truth, when the same 'fatherly figure' is not inheriting his status either through right of birth or through acts of valor, but simply through the act of voting.

Imagine, if you father had to be 'voted' into power every 4 years. You'd get pretty much the right idea, why the whole concept is flawed.

You are either libertarian and your powers that be are nothing more, than hired managers, or you are an authoritarian society, monarchy or alike, where the ruling authority depends on nothing but general feedback to server as an advisory voice, but not as a rule for him to follow.

You can't mix these two, because it will essentially lead to a corporatist totalitarian system, with absolutely no responsibility, but before the consumerist proles, which is the worst situation possible, moreover, it will lead to the destruction of actual family with government interfering into and destroying the actual nuclear family structure, with the 'leadership' becoming always the third party to appeal to in your relations with your wife and children.


This is a masterpiece of drunk posting.