Turkish Navy to Escort Aid Ships to Gaza, Erdogan to Visit Gaza

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Turkey has just expelled its Israeli envoys and ceased all military cooperation. Now this...


This will shame and embarrass the Israeli government and push them to respond out of refusal to bow to Turkey (and overtly cede regional supremacy). Ban Ki-Moon sees the threat and is urging Turkey to reestablish favorable ties with Israel.



Don't turks have mutual defense pact with the jews?

This is no more, than idiotic posturing for the muslitards at home.

Niccolo and Donkey

Turks vs. Israel.....this will make for many interesting realignments in the Caucasus, ME, and the Balkans.

Good find Angojew.

The Islamists run Ankara now and they are deconstructong the old pro-Western secular junta on a wave of popularity from the recidivist youth.

They really do want to smother Israeli power, and along with Iran they're wooing the Arab street chimper and crushing the Kurdish nationalist.

I like Erdogan, he's in many ways a superior leader in this camp than Ahmadinejad, and together they can adopt several new regimes in the wake of these coups.

If the israeli navy tries to stop the escort, it could cause an incident and we might soon have a seaborne conflict between them. This would make Erdogan a hero in Turkey.