Canada vs. USA

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Niccolo and Donkey
Niccolo and Donkey

I especially like "he's doing the best he can" when it comes to Obama. That's hilarious; every President "does the best he can."


Let come NAFTA....


The top row doesn't make any sense.


Self serving lame comparison chart.

"The ability for politicians to work together" What a foolish comparison.

If Canada is so much better at creating wealth, why is the standard of living higher in the US? Canada has almost unlimited natural resources, lower percentages of undesirable ethnic minorities, probably higher literacy rates, and many other things going for it, yet they still lag the US in GDP (PPP) per capita and most of the lefty quality of life indices.

Canadians love to criticize the US, but we know that criticism is born of envy.

Niccolo and Donkey
No envy of the USA from me. I've spent a lot of time there and you couldn't pay me to live in that country.
gus vasa

We are seeing the blossom of Canadian exceptionalism, which vibe this poll picks up on. "We are more multikult, tolerant, inclusive than those fascist troglodytes in America." Keep packing Carribs, Africans and others in and let us know how it works out in 20 years.

Canada is doing very well in relative terms for the moment, and good for them. However, I don't know many economists who would attribute Canada's current good economic standing to "the ability of (Canadian) politicians to work together" or "the ability of the (Canadian) Government to manage tax dollars."

The poll on Obama referenced above is comical though and is really the key indicator above. This post should not be read as a patriotard defense of the US.


Gus Vasa, spot on wrt Canadian exceptionalism. Things are going better here primarily because of the lowering of taxes, deregulation, and inflation of the monetary base to prop up our housing bubble. It makes Canadians smug.


The thing about the opinions of Canadians is that nobody in America is the least bit interested in hearing them. There is good reason for that. Canada is the worst country in the world.

Not Millard Filmore.