Zizek is being attacked from the left!!!

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From Zizek's essay:

" The fact that the rioters have no programme is therefore itself a fact to be interpreted: it tells us a great deal about our ideological-political predicament and about the kind of society we inhabit, a society which celebrates choice but in which the only available alternative to enforced democratic consensus is a blind acting out. Opposition to the system can no longer articulate itself in the form of a realistic alternative, or even as a utopian project, but can only take the shape of a meaningless outburst."

Connecting the dots:

The message:

"Up against the wall, motherfucker, this is a stick up!"

Bob Dylan Roof
Note 5: See ‌Zizek’s essay "Why Heidegger made the right step in 1933.” Zizek criticizes Hitler for being insufficiently violent, and Nazism for being insufficiently radical.


I'm mirin' der Führer's Direct Action aesthetics.

It's time for Zyzzek to drop the SWPL socialism posture and give himself over to the aesthetic power of National Socialism. Imagine an older Zizek lisping sputum and ideological gold at a crowd of 500,000 white proles from the altar of a colossal, reconstructed Speer stadium.

"David Lynch movies have strong Freudian themes!!!"

This is why I mentioned in the SB that he's going to join Salo soon.