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I'm unemployed. I get some interviews, and they've read my resume, but they always come back with "you don't have enough experience" after one or two interviews. This is something they can read on my resume, but it's all they give me to go on. I need to achieve more excellence and less whoring.

I've never once landed a job in my life without a friend or family member who got me in. Every application I've ever handed out has netted me 0 in terms of a job or making money.

I need to take a new approach to work that's twofold and is inspired by past successes and is different from the current, failing approach:

1) Develop relevant skills/experience
2) More "professional" friends and bigger/better network

This approach is what worked in the past. Handing out resumes never did. So the focus of my strategy will shift from an outward focus of hunting and more towards an inward focus of developing in-demand skills and proficiencies while extending my network.

I will do both by contributing freely to software projects which have

1) Difficulties which require in-demand skills to overcome
2) People worth meeting and worth developing a professional relationship with

Given that handing out resumes blindly has never worked for me, I think shifting focus in this direction will be much better for me.

I should have been doing this from the start. Instead I chose to listen to fools and I have suffered.

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I've probably handed out close to 500 resumes in my time and maybe got 3 or 4 calls back. Every single job except one has been landed through a connection; whether family, friends, or colleagues. Even high levels of specialization don't always ensure an easy avenue towards a full-time paying gig.

For those of you just getting out of school, now is the toughest. The first one is usually very difficult, and the second one is also difficult. It gets easier from then on in if you have a skill since you're able to transfer your skill set and leverage your network/previous experience and find a new job.


I couldn't get the job I wanted most, but I got a job I wanted... 2 actually.

The trick is to sound experienced. Use vocabulary only common to the field you're applying, during your interview.


It was always connections for me, GSC - people I'd gotten to know over the years as I slaved away at garbage jobs. I put in the hours while others got discouraged. It really is that much tougher when you're young - this is nothing new.

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I have also had a difficult time landing work.
I've landed a couple jobs on my own, but most are because of family connection or a reference from a friend.

Most of these jobs are labour , because i am only at highschool diploma level and finishing of college courses.

I've had a few interviews in the field i am studying in but no luck yet, mostly because of school conflicting and lack of experience .

Like nic said, very hard to land a job for graduates now. I have several friends with credible degrees, and they are doing labour work or unemployed like myself.


relevant article:

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No, no, no.

You need to learn how to sound like a doucher who's immersed in corporate culture.

For example if they ask you some BS question like, "What do you bring to the company?" you put on a serious face and say,

"Well, I feel like I'm great at communicating with people. I find that if you know how to communicate with customers [long pause, intense glare]... it adds great value to your work"

Then watch as the interjiewers all cast shit-eating grins at each other. For a lot of these interjiewers all it takes is dumb little stuff like that to make them like you.

I like saying "synergy" and "synergistic"

But seriously, I end up speaking with programmer types as well as HR types most of the time. I guess I need to brush up my bizspeak with HR types and tone down on the bixspeak.

Te Deum Laudamus

I am also unemployed. Unlike yourself though, I have no previous work experience. It's only recently that I've actively sought for work. I've even been on Job Seekers' Allowance (UK welfare). I gave up on that though. I refuse to lie about my job searching to obtain money from the government which is essentially what JSA comes down to. You must apply for three jobs a week to get your £100 a fortnight. Which brings me to this..

When I finally got my arse in gear and started looking for work, it quickly became apparent that there are simply very few job opportunities out there for an unemployed nineteen year old with no work experience. I have attended interviews with no success (though one looked very good, failed for that particular position, was offered another, and never received a call back for it).

I simply don't want to get my arse chewed out because the job market sucks. Not to mention a general dislike of reliance on the state (which is exactly what they want, of course).


Another observation:

This time around, it seems like the only people being hired are people who need to leave their current job for their new one. It's as if being unemployed is the same thing as having ebola. Many of the unemployed are falling off the map.