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Last time I tried to eat well and get in shape I did it the manic-depressive way: I went from eating exclusively junk carbs and drinking 2 gallons of beer a day to an extremely strict ketogenic diet, exercising obssesively. In two months I burned 35 lbs of fat, but as soon as I fucked up I bounced back to my old obese habits with full force. One month after that my body composition is completely fucked up and I've gained around 15 lbs of fat.

So, this time I'm going to do it with intelligence, thinking long term, refusing to submit to the anxiety of getting instant results. I'll se how it works.

Instead of relying on a ketogenic diet I will use the a more balanced diet which allows some carbs taken from healthy sources. I will lose weight slowlier, but I believe it's a more socially acceptable way of eating, and still healthy.

Regarding exercise, I'm going to perform a daily rutine of light bodyweight exercices: mainly air squats and pull ups. The days I'm too tired from work I will rest. Besides that I will walk, work, and do social activities outdoors, like rowing. This won't get me ripped, but in all honesty I don't give a fuck -- I don't want exercise to rule my life, much less now that I am moving to a new place, need to find a new job, etc. I need my time spent in other more productive pursuits.


Disregard that, I am drunk again.


If your back and joints are healthy enough, go for the squat, deadlift, rows, and bench press routine. Those will give you real results, especially if you work out 3x a week following that routine.


Monday- 8 reps, 4 sets - medium weight
Wednesday- 15 rep, 4 sets- light weight, high reps
Friday- 5 reps, 4 sets- Heavy weight, low rep

Then change the exercises every 2 months, following that same format. Instead of squats, do front squats....instead of deadlifts, do sumo deadlifts, etc.

President Camacho
That is a solid plan, except I would specify on the "power day" (heavy weight/low reps) to drop squats and deadlifts and replace them with a clean exercise and maybe also push press (or push jerk)-- or the clean & jerk, which combines both movements.

I've come to the conclusion that squats, deadlifts, and cleans are a sort of holy trinity of lifts that should form the core of your workout if your intent is to improve both your functional strength/power as well as physique. The rest is just window dressing. Each of these three lifts should be performed at least once per week and probably twice per week, and done at the beginning of your workout so you can go all out on them.
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These plans are good for beginning bodybuilding, but maybe not so good for what Cornelio is looking for. I would recommend you do at least 3-4 times a week of HIIT (look it up), preferably running, starting at around 25 minutes, light, and work it up to greater intensity and maybe up to 40-45 minutes. Also lift some weights and when you think you have the energy lift weights 3 times a week or so, it will help with the other things you're looking for. I don't recommend you begin with the exercises mentioned by Camacho and Nikolai because they can destroy your back if you're not trained.

If you find this boring I think games are good, tennis or squash can give good exercise while placing you in one-one contest, which helps with motivation.

Also I think your plan is not good, you should go for fast and instant results in the beginning, and switch to a long-term plan once you have some of the results you want, slow results are too slow and you will become discouraged again and start with "fucking delete everything!!"

I am writing this as I lie in a hotel bed and drink out of a bottle of rum. However, I did go to lift today, and I only drink about once a week, is that OK?

President Camacho
It is important to start with a weight light enough to lift safely and properly; concentrate on form and then move up from there.

I don't see the point of doing a mostly-cardio workout. Cardio and/or plyometrics should be done after the aforementioned lifting routine, and indeed HIIT is the way to go. But you'd be better off doing the core lifts for, say, a half hour, then alternate between 50m sprints followed by 100m jogging (or something similar) for only 10-15 minutes after that, tops. This keeps your cardio up as well as producing a sort of synegystic effect for building muscle/definition (vs. lifting without cardio). Unless you plan on becoming a distance runner, though, I don't see the benefit of doing a 45 minute all-cardio workout.

BTW, complex exercises like squats and power cleans build core strength (and aesthetics, if that's what you're into) far more efficiently than crap like crunches or even just plain running. Running also gives you lots of stamina and muscular endurance but does next to nothing to increase your maximum power output. It is a telling fact that long-distance runners have pathetic avg vertical leaps around 11 inches (vert is the best predictor of maximum power output/athleticism). Olympic lifters, OTOH, have higher average verticals than NBA players, frequently surpassing 40 inches.

In entirely practical terms, if you've been doing complex lifts+cardio, you will be in position to defend your house and fight off feral negro attaqs in a Katrina/Watts scenario, whereas if you're a distance runner you will be forced to flee the city and pick berries and slowly die in the woods like a fag.

No, it's not enough. You should put yourself in a drunken stupor after every workout; this induces hypertrophy quicker than steroids.

Seriously though, Schwarzenegger supposedly ate an entire roasted chicken and drank a full pitcher of beer after his workouts. :square:
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Camacho, I agree with you on the general outlook, and I was not recommending long-distance workout, etc., I guess when I say 45 minutes, that should include the warmup; in general I am for skewing things to weights and putting cardio second, but there are two precautions here. First, the danger of injury in your back is very real if you start doing squats and deadlifts without knowing proper form and you start off too heavy; and you'd really need to have someone to show you, I don't know if Cornelio has a friend to show him, etc. Second, there's the question of Cornelio's particular goals see a lot of fat or chubby guys doing these weightlifting/compound exercises in the gym, and that's OK, they're doing for strength, they don't care if they look like truckers. But for someone trying to lose weight and get in shape, if you just go in and do them with light or even medium-high intensity and then eat a lot--which you're likely to do for a number of reasons--you still won't lose any weight. I've seen this many times...whereas HIIT cardio burns fat very fast and also it ups your mood and metabolism for the whole day, it should not be ignored; Zyzz and Allegheny proudly said they didn't do any cardio, but I don't know how that works, I think they have a plan against me...anyway, I agree that long-distance/endurace training is crap for SWPL fags...just saying the cardio HIIT (not endurance) part should really be number one given what Cornelio wants, given his condition and Tartessian genes...let him not relapse into Mexican laziness. That kind of exercise is impossible to bullshit and really pushes you; whereas it's easy to go in, do 3 sets of twelve for each exercise and call it a day and think you've improved. Also if he has insomnia and other related problems, HIIT will help in a way that weights alone won't.

We must contact Thomas, but he has gone underground... :eek:


Lots of useful stuff. I will try all this as soon as I am sober again. Probably in october. Thanks for the advice.

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I drink two protein shakes a day. One at noon in front of the feebs at work, another at about 8pm while I'm sitting on the couch watching old episodes of COPS.

This keeps me alert and vigorous.

el greco

You're better off following Eat, Stop, Eat & Lean Gains fasting protocols than that "clean eatin!" bullshit.