Ice Cream Envelopes - A Collection Of My Early Poems

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another permanent address

my suitcase is packed
with old adidas sport trousers
and half-empty bottles of wine
and a piece of rotten cheese
and a tensor
and a broken down walkman
with no batteries
and a piece of red cloth with a non-english word written on it.

I am at a new place.
Windy evening, green dusk.
It’s a hostel.
I am a salesman.
I sell pool chemicals.
I am very good at my job.
I dress smart.
My handshake is unwavering.
My eyes are cold – color: dark honey.

But now I must rest.

There are no curtains,
So I lie down on the bed
Watching the green skies.
I search for a minibar.
There’s no minibar.
I find a box under the bed, though.

I uncork one of the bottles from my stash.
I’m sweating a little bit, but there’s a big, squeaking fan hanging from the ceiling.

After a few sips, I fall asleep.
The box, still unopened, by my side.

I wake up -- the sky still green, but darker.
I think about my job.
No one needs the chemicals.
All pools are closed down.
We need the water to drink, they say.
It’s scarce.
They use the pools as dumpsters.
“Tons of chlorine will be needed to sanitize this shit”, I tell them.
They shake their heads.
I call the boss, keep him informed.
He says keep going, you are the best at what you do.

He’s right.

Of course he doesn’t pay me.
I have to find other lines of business.
I make marmalade with blackberries I find by the road.
I sell the stuff.
It’s better received than the chlorine.

I open the box.
There’s nothing inside.
Niccolo and Donkey
Neither flaccid nor unmanly. It's quite obvious that you establish dominance.

This is good.

This is the poem of a man caught in the crux of history - a man who is coming into his power.


I have liked this poem, but I have also reported it.

Bob Dylan Roof

I like postmortem transitionist poetry but I prefer von Hoffmeister's early work for this subgenre.


Go fuck yourself, Rolanda. Your taste fucking sucks.

Bob Dylan Roof

Looks more like a faggy synthpop song.


You've easily fallen for this provocation and become an unwilling adept, spreading the word of your Master.

Welcome. Now you can never go back.