Why does everybody put you down when you exercise and eat right

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Although my ripped days are nothing but a distant memory, I still remember that I received ZERO support in my quest to stay fit. Even after I had lost around 35 pounds, and was looking great, with tons of power and a positive attitude, everybody treated me like I was an eccentric. These are some of the comments I received:

- Running fasted is too hard on the body
- You are losing weight too fast
- You are too extreme, need to find more balance in your diet
- That's too many eggs!
- You really have to exercise every day? You are so obssessive
- Why no dairy? Your calcium reserves must be depleted
- Meat and fish are too contaminated these days, you eat too much of that
- Jumping rope is bad for the knees
- Cheating once in a while is good!

Those are real examples. I understand gfs trying to prevent you to be superfit out of jealousy, but the rest of the people? I remember my uncle, who is an extremely fit guy in his fifties, was telling my father and I last christmas how he was training for a marathon, and instead of praising him for his alphaness our immediate reaction was to admonish him as running on asphalt is bad for the knees. What is the reason for this attitude?

Niccolo and Donkey

You are an obese monster who needs to go back to being ripped ASAP.

Your knees however will pay the price either way.


Let's tone down the personal attacks. This is a high-brow thread. I remember spek-easiers joking about your liking of spin bike. Why the hate.


It's the tendency of groups to try and keep everyone at the same level, to make sure no one rises above, which would both remind them of their own individual inadequacies and threaten group cohesion. The Waldgänger is a lonely man.

Niccolo and Donkey
I love spin class. This is me:

Excellent work. Forget those other people, they are jealous assholes.

If you're keto-adapted or trying to get there, this is a pretty good technique to use at least once in a while. Doing this every day is definitely too stressful.
I don't understand this objection, but I got it as well.
This is common wisdom clouding common sense. People believe whatever is a common opinion, not a correct one.
People "discovered" cholesterol "causes" heart attacks. Ever since this "discovery" and promoting it, people have cut down on their cholesterol consumption and had more strokes and heart attacks. This is also while the number of smokers plummeted.

I don't think it's necessary. But whatever works for you.

If you don't eat shit food, your calcium depletes at a much slower rate. Check out the tooth and bone health of people who don't eat industrial foods nor grains. Much better than those who do eat that stuff.
Bigger fish tend to be a little more contaminated. Smaller fish? Not at all.
No it isn't. Unless, that is, you are attacking your skeletal system with grains and industrial foods. Then yes, putting pressure on joints that are being destroyed by consumption of gluten grains and other nasty things will destroy them.
Maybe to get the gf to shut up, but that's about it.

I don't really know. People do it.
Long Spin classes....
Heart fitness :thumbsup:
Heart health :thumbsdown:

Losing weight too fast is indeed not good.

If you are doing that, you are probably loosing a lot of muscle too. Also it leads to skin degeneration: your skin will start to have stretch marks, if it already hasn't.

Only if you're missing protein, going hypocaloric and not doing any exercise to maintain/build.
Cardio after training is the best thing out there for burning fat.