Fat Burners: personal experience

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Okay, today is the first day I did a workout with fat burners taken 1 hour before the training session.

My fat burning pharma - I went with the classical ECA:

- Apprx. 50 mg of ephedrine (currently, pure ephedrine is forbidden from public access, since it can be used to distill strong drugs, hence I had to go with buying an anti-cough syrup broncholytine). Probably, in America is also forbidden, but ephedrine is the only real component, that works. Without it, all fat burners are nothing more, than marketing bullshit. Try looking for anycough syrups in your own country. It has to be ephedriyne hydrochloride, check the dose to make sure, how much ephedrine it contains so as not to overdo it. If you have broncholytine available in your country, it usually takes 0.25-0.5 of the bottle per each session.

- Apprx. 25 mg of pure coffeine, sold in pills (cofetamine was the marketed name, contains 0,001 g per box of 20 pills, that makes it 2 pills per session)

- Apprx 300 mg of aspirine (half a pill).

- MAKE SURE you don't have any heart diseases, asthma or similar bullshit, cause this shit may kill you, if you do.

- Also, make sure to buy Metoprolol, it will protect your heart from most negative effects. Experiment with the dose - usually 50-100 mg (1-2 pills) is enough to curb any damage to the heart without harming the fat burning effect.

Next - drink at least 2.5 litre of water each day, you'll sweat like a pig. Also if you feel sick from ephedrine, that might be a sign, that you should probably quit taking it.

Usually 2 weeks on the go, then 1 week rest is adequate.

After you experiment for a day or two to find the most appropriate dosage of ephedrine/metorpolol, you can start taking three sessions a day.

Do cardio for 40-60 minutes a day, each day, you' ll see results in no time.

Now regarding my experience today:

I never enjoyed my cardio workout so much. I did 40 minutes of cardio, sweating like hell. But even when you get tired, you don't feel frustrated - very positive attitude to the workout. I stopped just because I decided it was more than enough, but the body feels great even despite all the training.

Side effects: hands tremor, some nausea, a bit more agression, the heart seems to hurt a bit, probably I went with too much a dose for the first time.