What fictional characters do you identify with

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Say name of the characters, and book/film/play/whatever where they appear. Give a brief explanation of your answers.

This is a high-brow thread. Fiction is destiny.


Richard Gere in Mothman Prophecies.
-his contact with paranormal entities
The alien from Alien.
-its primitive lethality and blackness
Puck from Midsummer Night's Dream.
-his friendship with Oberon
Raphael from Ninja Turtles.
-his fun attitude
Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park.
-his tempered wonder
Gilbert from What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
-his frustration with boring, meaninglessness
Xerxes from 300
-his frustration that his enemies, though weak, resist him successfully
Ender's brother from Ender's Game.
-his hatred for humanity and desire to subjugate it with trivial internet postings

Not me, but reminds me:

Dr. Malcom from Jurassic Park.
-his pessimism and understanding of chaos

The unnamed bodybuilder/actor/masochist in Paul Schrader's film rendition of Kyoko's House
-Pursues a self-destructive course to preserve his ideal self at its zenith and in doing so finds congress with the perfect woman w/out spoiling their pact with codependent emotions or sex

Robinson from Celine's Journey to the End of the Night
-Hapless, unlucky, listless man incapable of achievement whose devotion to his friend and his willingness to orchestrate his own demise in lieu of compromising his principles proves him heroic

Seth Brundle/''Brundlefly'' from David Cronenberg's The Fly
-Hubristic misanthrope deforms his biology beyond comprehension with reckless application of technology in pursuit of a superhuman form of life


"Hedgehog" from Strugatsky's Stalker .
- The character is mentioned only in passing, during a dialogue of two other characters, and never appears on the screen. "Hedgehog" and his brother travelled to the Zone . His brother died there, but Hedgehog himself reached the Magic Room where all wishes were granted. He rolled on the floor, cried, screamed and begged for his biggest wish to be granted - for his brother to be brought back.

And when he came back, his biggest wish was indeed granted - he became a millionaire.

Realizing what kind of a person he really was, unable to accept his own true nature, Hedgehog hung himself.

Dr. Heiter from Human Centipede.
- Amazement with science and abstract knowledge, sometimes leading to complete disdain for human suffering, despite initial humanitarian concerns.

Bob Dylan Roof

I don't know if identify with the character but I've always been sympathetic to Ivan Ilyich from Tolsoy's short story "The Death of Ivan Ilyich." I never take entirely to the morals of Tolstoy's stories: I don't really care about the peasant boy caretaker's humble Christian feasance in the face of Illyich's revolting physical deterioration. However, I can't forget Tolstoy's other message concerning Ilyich's psychological confrontation with mortality in the shadow of the frivolity of his own life.

I guess it hasn't really affected my life - I haven't changed anything - but I'm constantly reminded of the message because the image of Ilyich's prolonged agony has been seared into my mind. The story of a man dying a seemingly endless, painful death as a consequence of his pointless status whoring and bourgeois posturing always seems relevant. I just hope I don't dislodge a kidney while working on my professional internets posting career.


Grendel in Grendel by John Gardner. I am not sure I identify with him but many of the philosophical interrogations that are spread throughout this excellent book echo preoccupations of mine. Also the "inverted idealism" manifested by Grendel: Although he can clearly separate the nihilistic and pessimistic outlook which he considers as genuine and real from the idealistic and optimistic narrative idealism in the Shaper's words, he seems unable to ultimately make a choice between the real and the beautiful.


Up. This thread is very good.


Merlin the Wizard, from T.A. Barron's re-telling of the mythos:

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Ged, from the Earthsea cycle: