The Em/De-powerment of State

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The way I see it, opposite things are happening in state affairs around the globe.

First off, the rise of managerial state, indeed, is a constatation of fact.

But what's intriguing, is that we see an opposite trend in economics. Things are moving more and more towards depowerment of state as an economical and fiscal agent.

First, we saw the creation and empowerement of central banks throughout the globe and their seperation from state. Same as with Russian Central Bank or American Fed, money creation is now controlled by a semi-public institution, which is not a federal body.

Next step, is what's being aprobated in Greece - government looses not just its ability to print money uncontrollably, but also to take financial decisions based on the whims of the electorate and populism. If these measures prove successful at providing stable recovery and consequent growth, unhampered by reckless government deficit-spending, then the list of countries may be increased, who willingly or not will see their state power completely devoid of taking economic decisions.

President Camacho

The old nation-states are losing power and legitimacy in two different directions: first, to broader international bodies like the UN, EU, WTO, etc, and secondarily, to groups within as states are being torn apart along racial, religious, and cultural lines.

I think William Lind's Strategic Defense Initiative is a pretty solid analysis of the situation modern states are facing: