Wittgenstein the Photographer

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Bob Dylan Roof
Niccolo and Donkey

Wittgenstein was also a big fan of Westerns. It's amusing to imagine him settling down in a theater after a long day of heavy philosophy to watch cowboy and injun shoot-outs -- these were the earlier, more primitive Westerns rather than the more complex John Ford or Howard Hawks fare.

He had an eccentric personality. He also had the habit of slamming doors for no reason and would constantly tell Bertrand Russell that he planned on committing suicide in the most blasé tone possible, leaving Russell to wonder if he was intent on carrying out the deed. Another one of Russell's anecdotes mentions their frequent arguments over whether or not a rhinoceros lurked in his office. Wittgenstein, the continental mystic vis - à - vis Russell's positivism, acted the gadfly and took the position that Russell had no way of conclusively proving that there was no rhinoceros in his office.

Someone like him would probably have a hard time finding a place in the modern academy.

Niccolo and Donkey
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Wittgenstein had, I believe, 3 brothers who committed suicide in various states of homosexual despair, and one who became a one-handed piano virtuoso (he might have killed himself too, I can't remember.) Commiting suicide in that family was like graduating high school, it was expected. One of the lesser Waughs wrote a book about the family curse - the House of Wittgenstein - which is fascinating, if not very good.

Apparently you cannot understand his philosophy without understanding his doorknobs. http://www.nybooks.com/daily/2016/05/24/wittgensteins-handles/