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Bob Dylan Roof

So I've been embedded in a community of self-described "intelligent and ambitious youth," moving among successful young professionals as a degenerate interloper and adding nothing of value to their optimistic discourse. A recurring discussion involves the following question: "what can we, as a group of intelligent, ambitious youth, propose to effect real change and cure all of our pet injustices?" The proposals are all intelligent Managerialism 101 suggestions, like abolishing the Senate, installing a European-style parliamentary system with proportional representation, eliminating term limits, complex wealth transfers, and campaign finance regulation.

This made me wonder what a group of underachieving, mentally ill internet nihilists and misanthropes would propose as practical cures to the injustices they perceive. Direct action? Mainstream political participation? Recoil into traditional communities à la MacIntyre at the end of After Virtue ? Indulge and participate in the degeneracy and decline like Roissy? Head out to pasture through inner emigration like Juenger and Schmitt? Make one's life a work of art like Mishima? I know this is a rehash of an old topic, but hey, I'm trying to generate some content while Nic's on an article-posting sabbatical.


Do what you can to bring about the fall even faster, while trolling people on the Internet who do the same.


Every avenue ends in nihilism. Mainstream political participation is seemingly useless. People so involved are dragged into the abyss of managerial mass-democracy and its compromises. Direct action is, ultimately, bereft of political character, becoming personal revolt with ethical and aesthetic dimensions, but nihilistic in the final measure. The obvious example would be Isao in Mishima's "Runaway Horses", whose final acts leave no mark on the political reality of the world. Direct action might be different, were it to be backed up with proper force i.e. a military coup. In the modern age though, this would likely bring a mere shift in the nature of the managerial regime; modern militaries are not comprised of German aristocrats allied to any profound weltanschauung . Retreat and endurance are the main options for those who neither want to compromise themselves nor commit suicide. It is instructive that the “Conservative Revolution” finds its culmination in pessimism – “only a god can save us”. Juenger’s figure of the anarch might be the most positive figure for internet nihilists and misanthropes.

As an aside, I would not consider Schmitt an “inner emigrant”, as he did not retreat to the Wehrmacht , which was, I believe, the “aristocratic form of emigration”.


There's also the option (from what I understand, not all that different from Juenger's anarch) of seceding from the middle class in the emerging anarcho-tyranny.

Bob Dylan Roof
I understood the inner emigre concept to reflect withdrawal from participation in politics. Both Schmitt and Juenger actively moved in the political cauldron of Weimar before withdrawing from overt political commentary and action with the ossification of the NS regime.

Yes, as I reflect on this, I was conflating things with Benn's description of return to the army.

Anti-Semiticism, if we had more of it in the world, would do a great deal of good. Without the Jews, a whole host of problems would quickly resolve themselves.
Secondly, we must redraw the borders of the world to reflect ethno-geographic reality.
I have nothing more to add but that if this is not done, we will have a Jewish global monarchy, its capital in Jerusalem, in a couple centuries.


Fall back on pre-Enlightenment ideals, devalue humanism, concetrate on the concepts of justice and virtue instead of Dostoyevsky's 'every man is a world in himself.

Devalue human individuality, fall back on the pre-modern, traditionalist clan/kin system.

Devalue modern concept of law. Bring back vendettas, different systems of law for different social stratas and races.

Devalue life itself. Life is but a bridge.


Stop being internet nihilists. Stop watching the news. Stop reading pessimistic end-of-a-cycle philosophers*. Erase from your mind all negative propaganda you might have absorbed after years of watching dark movies, posting in insane forums, reading apocalyptic blogs. Avoid bitter people.

Read about practical things: nutrition, exercise, your job/trade/profession, biographies of great men, motivational literature. Work out intensely, it helps battling depression and negativity. Disregard junk food, be strict about your diet. Ignore skanks and stay celibate until you find a non-whorish woman you can make a long term plan with. Go to sleep early, wake up early in the morning. If you are in a line of work which is not doing anything positive for you and for society, change to another line of work.
* Junger is a very negative philosopher, but he was a man full of curiosity and vitality. While his writings should be ignored by anyone who wants to be happy, his life example is invigorating. [According to an account by spanish writer Fernando Sánchez Dragó, he visited, along with his friend Albert Hoffman the Palacio de Linares in Madrid. It was opened for them as a gift by the owner, it's normally closed for the public. Dragó and another writer acted as cicerones. Both Junger and Hoffman were nearing/well above 90, but they managed to tire the living hell out of the spaniards, who had to go to rest to the entrance hall while the two old men walked up and down the palace, full of heartfelt interest in the architecture, porcelain collection, paintings, furniture, etc.]

Beefy Rep

Assuming I fall under this category ("if you have to ask you do...") my current activity, which I stumbled into after a series of mishaps but is really proving a wonderful "diamond in the rough," is to lead a group of eight folks in their late teens and early twenties and on a series of dangerous and grueling challenges in the course of absurd labor. Its Man's work if there ever was any. I teach the right balance of confidence and humility, and I teach strength, and also a practical skill done on the way to a kung-fu fighter's mastery. I also teach from the absurdity to show that our entire system is pervaded by it. This is done under the auspices of a looming Eco/technological apocalypse, and with the right age group who just barely can't remember life without the Internet: Nietzschean amoralists on the one hand (youtube desensitized) and cooperative inclusionists on the other (all those sharing and caring early childhood shows) who have curbed all aggressiveness inward, but have seen it transmogrified into a kind of neutral, propulsive energy that has hitherto had no outlet outside of banal sports.

In short I'm doing what misanthropic old fish have always entertained themselves with: corrupting the youth.