Afghanistan: Obama orders withdrawal of 33,000 troops

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President Camacho

This will result in a drop in US troop casualties as the reduction in combat forces in Iraq resulted in the same, which removes all mainstream criticism in the US of an American war. As long as American soldiers aren't dying in the dozens each month there is no real domestic opposition.

I don't find insurgency against a conventional military entirely productive (attacking the formulators and beneficiaries of a policy is easier, less costly, and more rewarding) but it would likely result in total US military disengagement if Jihadists were to kill thirty or so servicemen in a single attack... a moment such as in Beirut or Mogadishu.



Bob Dylan Roof

What is the nature of these troops? Do they include mercenaries and CIA operatives? The withdrawal of 33,000 supply line grunts, mess hall workers, nation builders, and lesbian recreation bureaucrats would not constitute troop withdrawal.

Niccolo and Donkey
The mercs don't seem to be going anywhere unless there are significant budget cuts in the DoD. At present there is one merc in Afghanistan for every member of the US Armed Forces.
President Camacho
The last two paragraphs are a perfect example of how in managerial "democracies" where nobody is in charge, every government action including warfare becomes bureaucratized and devoid of rationale.

The military commanders are essentially just executives concerned with maintaining "full employment" (of soldiers), self-justifying their units' resource allocation, and padding their resumes to land plush defense industry/lobbyist gigs after the war. It's just the military defending its bureaucratic turf, like police who always claim that if they only had more officers and newer vehicles then crime would be eliminated. Complete lack of strategic thinking, but that's because unchecked bureaucracy inherently selects for uncreative and conforming personality types.

Nobody actually believes that keeping an extra 33,000 or even another 300,000 troops for that matter will turn Afghans into liberal democrats or whatever it is that the company line is there. If the objective was simply to plant America on the Silk Road energy routes, or to keep the place from being an open sanctuary for Islamic fugitives, it could have been accomplished much more cheaply with a skeleton crew of 20,000 crack troops and a whole lot of bribery.
Niccolo and Donkey
As I've said elsewhere, the bargaining points will be one permanent US military base in the country and a good guy/bad guy list of Taliban that are to be allowed to enter government.
President Camacho
Probably something like that, yes..... it's just disappointing that it took them 10 years and a whole lot of cash down the shitter just to figure it out.