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The Definition of WASPjew


The term "WASPjew" was first coined on the SpeakEasy forum during some of the clashes that took place between British/WASP wannabes (such as Zed and Masty), good white folk of whole or partial Irish descent, and other good white folk who oppose British imperialism or England for historical reasons.

The term was coined as a pejorative to counter the assertion that "the Irish are the niggers of the white race" or the pejorative "Hibernigger" (both of which make no sense -- true men and women of Eire and even shanty American micks have absolutely nothing in common with niggers on any level). The phrase started with the claim that "if the Irish are the
'niggers' of the white race, than the WASPs are most certainly its Jews."

Approaching a Definition

Taken literally, the term simply means "White Anglo Saxon Protestant Jew." White Anglo Saxon Protestant race-traitors, for their innumerable crimes against good white folk historically and for their placing of white posterity in peril, have accordingly lost their status as Aryans. WASPjews are now to be considered an additional Jewish ethnic group, along with the Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Mizrahim Jews.

Some have asserted that all white Protestants should fall under this umbrella, but this is simply not the case. Not all white Protestants are Jew worshipers. It would be absurd to consider German Protestants, who opposed international Jewry and international WASPjewry in both forms (Ameri'Kwan and Brit), to be WASPjews. The same would go for famous Protestant
historical figures like Martin Luther. Likewise, it would make no sense to consider other ethnic Protestant sects, e.g. Hungarian Calvinists, to be WASPjews. Hungarian Calvinists assisted Hungary's struggle against Hungarian Jewry and international Jewry. Hungarians, collectively, have also been the victims of not only international Jewry (particularly international revolutionary Jew Bolshevism ala Bela Kun) but also WASPjew imperialism (Trianon).

The lines blur to some degree when we consider WASPjew house nigger Protestants, such as Ulster Protestants and American Baptist patriotards of various ethnic backgrounds (but largely Scots-Irish). It may be an insult to genuine WASPjews to lump their cannon-fodder slaves into the same group as them. I am also not certain that Scots-Irish fall under the umbrella of "WASP." Nonetheless, since they essentially operate as white Zionist Jews in the here and now, I hold that it is not incorrect to label such house nigger cannon-fodder for empire as "WASPjews."


Simply put, WASPjews are Jews. They are just a new branch of the Jewish people that have first achieved recognition within the Circle of Crust on the SpeakEasy forum. As the demographic situation in Israel continues to worsen, Israel will eventually recognize WASPjews as a new ethnicity of Jew and grant them the right to immigrate to Israel and to receive citizenship therein.

One can write forever about the similarities between Jews and WASPjews; indeed, these similarities far outweigh the non-extant similarities between superior Hibernians and Negroes. For one, Jews and WASPjews are obsessed with chopping off foreskins. WASPjews, in fact, are the ones who brought wholesale circumcision to America, in spite of the fact that this was not practiced in either Protestant or Catholic European countries. Moreover, WASPjew Protestants, particularly
Baptists, place far more emphasis on the Jewish Supremacist Book of the Bible, which is the Old Testament. Often WASPjew "preachers" will speak of Yahweh moreso than they do of Jesus. This is grossly in contrast to the Roman Catholic Church, which places far more emphasis on New Testament theology. WASPjew Protestants do, however, strongly emphasize one New
Testament book: the Book of Revelations. WASPjew theologians also tend to insist on a literal interpretation of the book. This is in contrast to the mainstream Catholic position, which historically has indicated that the Book is largely metaphor and needs to be read within its historical context. The WASPjew literalist interpretation greatly benefits their Jewish
brethren, as some WASPjew preachers insist that unconditional support of Israel is mandated so as to somehow manipulate the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Millions of WASPjews are fooled by this asinine heresy but this heresy assists their Zionist Israeli Jewish brethren.

Other traits:
  • WASPjews love money, finance, banking, and legal practice, much like other Jews;
  • WASPjews do not create nations of proud Aryan warriors, but of shopkeepers. This assists in the regression of white
    castes and produces more 'white' Jews;
  • WASPjews hate the true Church, which is the Catholic Church, much like other Jews;
  • WASPjews hate Muslim freedom-fighters, much like other Jews;
  • WASPjews are fervent Zionists, much like other Jews;
  • Globalist WASPjews support widespread non-white immigration to historically white countries, both within the Anglosphere
    and in Central Europe, much like other Jews.

Some historical tidbits:

The WASPjew British Empire played a central role in the creation of the gangster Zionist state of Israel. The biggest supporters of Zionism during its infant stage were in fact British WASPjew milennialists. This alliance led to British state policy which prompted settlements with the Ottoman Empire to allow more Jewish immigration to Palestine before World
War I. During World War I, the British created a military policy which was directed at liberating Palestine directly from the Ottoman Empire so that the British could control and increase Jewish immigration to Palestine. The infamous Balfour Declaration was also issued by WASPjew Great Britain. See A History of Israel: From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time
by Howard M. Sachar, pps. 1-309 [warning from author: Jewish history is very boring. I personally like military history -- not the history of scheming and intrigue].

See also (from a previous post)
Roman and papist deeds reversed by towelheads and proto-Zionist WASPjews in Judea
(original formatting here: )

"Halfway between Safed and Naharia in northern Israel, the angulated, terraced slope of Mount Ha'ari, 3,300 feet above sea level, commands a simultaneous view of the Mediterranean to the west and of Lake Galilee to the southeast. Branching off westward, a road leads directly into the sheltered little village of Peki'in, a somewhat nondescript enclave of limestone houses, inhabited by mixed communities of Druze, Arabs, and a few Jews. A synagogue guards the flank of the entryway. It is an ancient structure. We are informed that the two carved stoned in its walls once belonged to the original Temple of Jerusalem, destroyed by the Romans more than 1,900 years before. The Zainati family that worships here traces its origins equally far. Indeed, its members note with pride that they are the only Jews in Israel whose forebears have lived uninterruptedly in the Holy Land since the days of the last Jewish Commonwealth. Small of dome, dark-skinned, bilingual in Hebrew and Arabic, the Peki'in Jews cultivate the land, breed silkworms, and devotedly guard their shrines and historic memories. Perhaps with quiet bemusement, too, they endure the glances of visitors who are fascinated by the sight of 'authentic' Hebrews.

But authentic they are, these little Arabized Jews, the embodiment of a physical Jewish connection with Palestine that never quite expired. The Romans may have laid the entire nation waste between A.D. 70 and 135, slaughtering as many as 600,000 Jews [edit: hmmm, I wonder about that number], and carrying off half that number in bondage. Yet even in the wake of this monumental dispersion, a few thousand Jews somehow remained on in the country. Heavily taxed, denied the right to visit their ancient capital, the survivors made their homes, in Galilee, where they farmed their land and plied their trades. In the late Roman era this decimated Jewish community actually managed something of a revival. For three centuries, its towns, villages, and farms extended as far as the coastal plains, and were reasonably affluent. Its culture showed signs of a certain uneven vitality. During this period, for example, the Palestinian Talmud was compiled. Moreover, the Jewish population sustained its growth well beyond the Seljuk Turks, ultimately reaching 300,000 by the year 1000. [edit: rats]

This promising interlude ended abruptly, however, and quite terribly, with the arrival of the Crusaders. [edit: good guys to the rescue] Thereafter, the butchery of Jews was so extensive under Christian rule, when Benjamin of Tudela, a Spanish Jewish traveler, visited the Holy Land, he found only a thousand Jewish families still alive. [edit: the butchers of these Jews went straight to heaven] Yet even then the foothold was tenaciously maintained. Eighteen years later Salah-ed-Din (Saladin), sultan of Egypt, won a crushing victory over the Latin Kingdoms and began the process that ultimately evicted the last of the Crusaders a century later. Subsequently, under a tolerant Muslim regime, pilgrimages of Jews from overseas augmented the tiny Palestinian remnant. The immigrants arrived from North Africa, from Europe, and most particularly from Spain, the largest Jewish community in the Diaspora. Well before the pressures of the Inquisition, in fact, some 5,000 Sephardic Jews (from Sepharad, the Hebrew word for Spain) had already established their preeminence among other Jews in the Holy Land, swallowing up the Musta'aribin (Arabized Jews) and imposing their own Ladino dialect as the lingua franca of Palestine Jewry.

Yet it was most notably the Spanish Inquisition, and finally the Spanish expulsion decree in 1491, that propelled tens of thousands of Sephardim into all corners of the Mediterranean world, and not less than 8,000 of them into Palestine. By fortunate chance, their arrival corresponded with the Ottoman conquest of the Levant (1517), and in its first century the rule of the Turks proved unexpectedly benign. Thus, in ensuing years, other Jews made their way to Palestine from the Mediterranean littoral. Most of them were Cabalists, followers of the Zohar, a volume of Jewish mysticism that prophesied the final redemption of God's Spirit in the outer world. Not surprisingly, the Cabalists had discerned in the Spanish upheaval a timely injunction to return to ancestral soil in expectation of the 'End of Days.' Large umbers of them settled in the abandoned Crusader city of Safed, precisely because Safed was located only a half-hour's donkey ride from the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yochai, the Zohar's putative author. They were joined in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries by fitful migrations of Ashkenazim, Jews from central or northern Europe (literally, from Ashkenaz, the Hebrew word for Germany). Moreover, the largest numbers among the Europeans called themselves Chasidim, 'Followers of the (True) Way.' Like many of the Sephardic Jews, the Chasidim also were devotees of Cabalistic literature and similarly regarded themselves as mystics, although of a more emotional and rapturous variety. Sephardic and Ashkenazic newcomers alike, then, increased Safed's Jewish population to 16,000 by the opening of the eighteenth century. Many of the pilgrims remained dependent on charity from abroad, but most of them became self-supporting as tinkers, shoemakers, spice merchants, even occasionally as farmers.

Elsewhere in Palestine, Jewish habitation was less impressive. A brief Sephardic attempt to establish a community in ancient Tiberias, on a tract provided by the Ottoman sultan, failed to attract settlers. Later efforts were abandoned in the face of local Arab opposition, although a limited nucleus of dark-skinned, Arabic-speaking Jews is still to be found (among more recent Jewish immigrants) in this modest, lakeside town. Similar efforts were mounted in Hebron, reversed as the birthplace of King David and as the reputed gravesite of the Hebrew patriarchs. But at its high point, in 1890, Jewish settlement in Hebron comprised barely 1,500 souls, most of them clustered around three or four talmudical academies. The most tenacious redemptionist effort, rather, was devoted to Jerusalem, home of the ancient Temple and thereby queen over Safed, Hebron, and Tiberias in the hierarchy of Palestine's four 'holy' cities. At the outset, to be sure, the likelihood of revival there seemed almost foredoomed. During the first three and a half centuries of Roman dominion after the first century A.D., not a single Jew had been permitted to set foot in the ravaged capital. Under Arab rule, handfuls of Jews returned to jerusalem, and a small number of them continued to live there even under the Crusaders. After the first century of Ottoman rule, however, the Turks proceeded to make life increasingly difficult for Christians and Jews alike. In 1700 one last group of 1,500 Ashkenazim, under Rabbi Judah the Chasid, ventured a heroic attempt to take up domicile within the city's Turkish wall. Some 500 of these pilgrims died even before arriving in the Holy City; of the rest, only a tiny enclave of thirty families survived a bare two and a half decades. 'tax-farmers lie in wait like wolves and lions to devour us,' wrote one of the settlers. Simon van Geldern, a Dutch Jew who visited in 1776, found perhaps 2,000 Arabic-speaking Sephardic and Moroccan Jews dwelling in Jerusalem, but only the meagerest residue of European Jews. 'In fifty years' time no Ashkenazim will be living in this land anymore,' he wrote.

Van Geldern hardly exaggerated. Under an increasingly brutal Ottoman administration, even the once flourishing Jewish population of Safed declined to 3,000 souls by 1800. From then on, Arab bandits roamed unchecked through the Galilee and periodically despoiled the little mountain city. Finally, in 1837, Safed was convulsed by a massive earthquake, the most fearful natural disaster in the history of modern Palestine. Having buried their dead, the more enterprising survivors moved away to Jerusalem and Hebron. The 2,000 or so who remained in Safed were largely ageing pietists, mirror images of their kinsmen in Jerusdalem. No more than 6,000 Jews altogether lingered on in the four holy cities. Taxed and tyrannized as they were to within an inch of their lives, they regarded their ordeal essentially as a testament of their repentance.

[. . .]

[edit: enter the WASPjews, proto-Zionist proto-Hagee shabbas goy cannon fodder for Jews]
These developments coincided with, and indeed contributed to, the rise of British Protestant evangelism. At once fundamentalist and visionary, this uniquely mid-Victorian brand of pietism included a renewed and vested interest in the Holy land. Theological concerns was directed as well toward the Jews, who were regarded now less as deicides than as sacred exiles from sacred soil, a living witness to God's truth in an unredeemed world. Typical of the upsurge of millennialism was the proto-Zionist career of Edward Ashley, seventh earl of Shaftesbury. An influential political figure in the mid-nineteenth century, Shaftesbury nurtured a compelling spiritual vision of the People of Israel restored by Britain's grace to the events leading to the Seventh Coming. So widely diffused was the mood of nineteenth-century evangelicalism that Shaftesbury and his fellow millennialists were not regarded as mere eccentrics. Even as impassioned a proto-Zionist as Laurence Oliphant was taken seriously by English men of affairs. The son of an intensely devout family, married to a woman equally pietistic, Oliphant had joined the diplomatic corps, had served in posts ranging from Canada to Japan, and had traveled widely on his own. Ardently he shared his wife's dream that 'God's Holy People' soon would be restored to the cradle of its birth, thus hastening the Millennium and the Advent. Like Shaftesbury, he hurled himself into endless propaganda work and public meetings on behalf of a Jewish national restoration.

So respectable by mid-century was the concept of Zion redeemed that it won the approbation of several of Britain's most distinguished romantic poets and novelists. Thus, the arch-romanticist of his time, Benjamin Disraeli, flaunted the cause of Jewish restoration in Alroy, one of his earliest novels. "You ask me what I wish: my answer is, a national existence. . . . You ask me what I wish: my answer is, the Land of Promise." Other Victorian writers imputed to the Jews (as to the Scots, Greeks, Bulgars, and other historic races) the pageant-struck nationalism that was universally recognized as the wave of Europe's future. In 'Oh! Weep For Those,' one of the more widely quoted of the Hebrew Melodies, Lord Byron wrote poignantly:

The white dove hath her nest, the fox his cave,
Mankind their country--Israel but the grave.

For Sir Walter Scott, the tantalizing dream of restored Zion was expressed through the person of Rebecca, the exotic Jewess of Ivanhoe. It was through the Jewish hero, too, of her novel Daniel Deronda that George Eliot projected an identical Christian-romantic vision "[that] the outraged Jew shall have a defence in the court of nations. . . . And the world will gain as Israel gains." Ironically, these romantic and millennialist fantasies embodied no practical yearnings by the Jews themselves, who distrusted them as blatantly conversionary.

[. . .] Europe's foreign ministers assembled in London to deal with the crisis precipitated by Mehemet Ali's invasion of Syria and Palestine. Cornered by Shaftesbury and other millennialists, British Foreign Secretary Palmerston swallowed whole the notion that the Jews themselves were champing at the bit to return to Zion and that their presence in the Holy Land would serve Ottoman (and British) interests. Thereupon, Palmerston wrote his ambassador in Constantinople:

'There exists at the present time, among the Jews dispersed over Europe, a strong notion that the time is approaching when their nation is to return to Palestine. . . . It would be of manifest importance to the Sultan to encourage the Jews to return. . . . because the wealth which they would bring with them would increase the resources of the Sultan's dominions; and the Jewish people, if returning under the sanction and protection and at the invitation of the Sultan, would be a check upon any future evil designs of Mehemet Ali or his successor.'

Later yet, during the Crimean War and the Lebanese crisis of 1860, Christian proto-Zionists in France suggested that their government's foreign-policy goals might well be advanced by a Jewish buffer state in Palestine. The Congress of Berlin of 1878 provoked even further interest in the idea.

Loosely divided between the provinces of Beirut and Syria, the Palestine of the early 1800s was hardly less than an administrative shambles. Centuries of Turkish indifference and misgovernment had encouraged recurrent warfare between local pashas and had permitted Bedouin robber bands to terrorize the country's 400,000 inhabitants (by 1840). Trade was minimal. The entire region was agriculture-based, but stunted in its growth by the depredations of tax farmers, by army recruitment, forced labor, drought, and locusts. Concentrated by and large in the four holy cities, the Jews numbered between 5,000 and 6,000 at the opening of the nineteenth century. Had Palestine remained a neglected backwater of the Ottoman realm, it is unlikely that this meager settlement would have transcended its status as a fossilized curiosity. But the emergence of the Eastern Question witnessed a growing Ottoman dependence upon western Europe, and the price of that support--against Russia--was not merely Constantinople's assurances of reform, but a reassertion in 1840 of European Capitulations throughout the Turkish Empire. The capitulatory arrangement in its essence simply guaranteed resident European nationals a kind of legal and financial immunity under the protection of their respective consuls. Moreover, by an Anglo-Turkish understanding achieved in 1864 through the good offices of the British consul in Jerusalem, this protection was extended equally to Jewish residents of the Holy Land. The Capitulations thereafter provided the stimulus for a growing European Jewish immigration. Indeed, by 1856, the Jewish population of the Holy Land exceeded 17,000."

From A History of Israel: From the Rise of Zionism to Our Time by Howard M. Sachar (1996).

Some conclusions:

The Roman Empire and later, the Crusader Kingdoms, mostly wiped out what remained of the "Chosen" Heebs
What continued to remain of this "Hebrew" community, if anything at all, was assimilated by later small Sephardic and Ashkenazim immigrant communities.
These Sephardic and Ashkenazim immigrant settlements barely survived local Arab banditry and Ottoman apathy
WASPjew proto-Zionist Protestant heretics removed the papist-imposed "deicide scumbag" badge from the Juden, and once again began to worship the Juden as "God's Chosen People"
WASPjew Proto-Zionists took this Jewish cock-sucking even further, promoting the Jewish nationalist (or Zionist) cause while Jews themselves thought the notion unfeasible.
This WASPjew Zionist Protestant heretic Israel-First variant of Christ-insanity continues to this day in the 'Kwa, where millions of fake Protestant Xtian heretics continue to have this farcical belief that we must shed blood and treasure to preserve Israel for Jews so that we can bring about the battle of Armageddon and Christ's second coming (lulz). Thanks WASPjews -- you're basically about as jewey as the Ashkenazim at this phase.
WASPjews will go to Hell unless they convert to popery.


Today, American and British WASPjews condone and promote unconditional support of Zionist Israel.

It is also important to note the jewey manner in which the WASPjew British Empire has historically waged war. Unlike honorary Aryan warrior peoples that do most of their fighting on their own, the British WASPjew Empire has typically achieved victory via their historical "balance of power" politics approach. This approach involved more scheming than fighting in typical Jewish fashion; it also involved utilizing superior Aryan warriors to do much of the fighting for them. Like Jews, the WASPjews would then swoop in at the end of such conflicts to accrue as many treaty benefits as possible. Cashing in as much as possible on as little fighting and working as possible is surely the Jewish way.

In the World Wars, the WASPjew British Empire served as the tail that wagged the superior WASPjew American Empire dog. This is much like the approach of Israel to WASPjew America today. Without the backing of the superior American empire, it remains a mystery as to whether the British would have been able to successfully oppose German hegemony in Central Europe. I personally doubt it, but one can argue.

Also, in the Second World War, the WASPjew British Empire sacrificed its own empire to make the world safe for international Jewry and the Jew-created USSR. The WASPjew American Empire gladly lent its own assistance for this crusade. This policy led to the destruction of the only Central European empire that openly fought for the interests of white people and against the interests of Jews, and left good Eastern European white folk to be fucked behind the Iron Curtain. But it is clear that WASPjews only care for what is good for WASPjews and their fellow Jews.

See from a previous post:
Succinct summation on how WASPjews bailed out Soviets

Russia: A History by Gregory Freeze, Oxford University Press (1997), p. 333 (emphasis added).

It can further be contended that WASPjewry existed even prior to Zionism. As one should already know, the Catholic English king Edward Longshanks expelled the Jews from England for centuries. The archetypal WASPjew hero, Oliver Cromwell, prompted their return. Like any Jew or WASPjew would, Cromwell persecuted good white Catholics and good white Irishmen. Cromwell even waged war against Christmas, much like Jews do today. The Christian/North European pagan syncretism that developed during the Dark and Medieval ages of Roman Catholicism is what makes Catholicism non-Jewey, Aryanized, and appealing. It is why we can celebrate feast days like Christmas and Easter. Hardcore WASPjews, like the Puritans who strove against such celebrations, did so because such celebrations are not 'Judeo-Christian.' WASPjews want to make their variants of Protestant Christianity as Jewey as possible: increase the Judaic influence of the Old Testament, and chip away at white North European ancient religion/Roman Catholic syncretism.

I can go on and on forever, but my browser crashed a few times while writing this so I shall take a break.


The Prince of All Aryans hereby revokes the status of WASPjews as free white men. They have officially been outed as crypto-Jews who will sacrifice all good white folk for the benefit of Jews, Zionism, and Israel. WASPjews even unconditionally support Israel under the false heretical belief that this can trigger the Battle of Armageddon, the Second Coming of Christ, and the end of time.

WASPjews are hereby declared a separate Jewish ethnicity, much like the Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and other Jewish ethnic groups.

StumbleInn is hereby declared a Jewish supremacist, Zionist, and WASPjew forum.

What do I do if I think I am a WASPjew?

There are several options:
1) Kill yourself.
2) Reject WASPjewry. Stop supporting Jewish Zionist causes and Jewish group evolutionary strategy. Rejoin white civilization.
3) Rejoin the Communion of the true faith, which is the Roman Catholic Church. Hail popery.
4) Condemn those historical atrocities which were committed by the WASPjews against good white people and for the benefit of Zionist Jews.
5) Condemn WASPjew and Jewish American influence, WASPjew and Jewish British influence, and the gangster Zionist state of Israel.
6) Leave forums that are contaminated by WASPjewry, such as the Stumble Inn, and join forums of free Aryans, such as the Beer Barrel.
7) Neg-rep bomb all WASPjews who currently contaminate the Beer Barrel.

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Powerful stuff!


Ah Masty, what a brain dead Hun he was. And Zed. Cockhead.

However neither of them were ever to counter this one image:



Didn't Masty arrange to fight someone off of SE? May even have been Angococchi no? I recall there being a huge drama.

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Der Sozialist challenged Masty in defense of mixed-race retardo Mr. Angry's honor. Plans were laid, shit was talked, and I believe one of them (possibly Masty, though I don't wish to impugn a man's reputation) failed to show.
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IIRC there was a dispute about which park they were meant to meet up at in Wolverhampton is some such shit. I do recall cackling at their enormous retardation over the whole thing.
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