Federal Intergration Council Demands Expansion of Incitement Clause

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Senegalese seeks to ensure that there are no more Sarrazins:


The chairman of the Federal Immigration and Integration Council, Karamba Diaby, has demanded an expansion of the incitement clause. Diaby told Junge Freiheit that it cannot be permitted for people, such as former Berlin finance Minister Thilo Sarrazin, to further split society with their ideas (theses).

As such, a unanimous decision was taken last Sunday to lodge a petition with the Bundestag [edit, with apologies], which provides for an expansion of paragraph 130 of the penal code to cover “racist and right wing populist” statements.

Until now it hasn’t been possible to prosecute comments like Sarrazin’s. Indeed, an association member has submitted a report against him, but this wasn’t accepted by the state prosecutor, complains the Senegal born Diaby, who is also a member of the SPD.

“Between the first article of the law and paragraph 130 there is too much scope for discriminatory statements”, thus justifies Diaby his advance. It should be completely unacceptable that minorities can be insulted without penalty.

Only through an expansion of incitement (sedition) can it be ensured that books like Sarrazin’s “Germany Abolishes Itself” no longer burden society. Still, Diaby qualifies, it is for the future of German freedom of opinion.

Sarrazin fans the flames of “pure racism”

Last year, Diaby had already accused the previous Bundesbank chairman of spreading racism. Many well integrated immigrants are tired of being abused again and again.
The Federal Immigration and Integration Council, formerly Federal Forgeiners Advisory Council, represents more than 400 integration councils in Germany and advocates on behalf of people with immigrant backgrounds.
Niccolo and Donkey
Not a chance that this will happen. The SPD would be shooting itself in the foot if it attempted to actually get such a thing passed through the Bundestag if and when it comes into power again.
I agree. Sorry, I overlooked something in the translation here. It should state that a unanimous decision was taken to lodge the petition, not that it has already been lodged.
Niccolo and Donkey
I imagine that a petition in Germany is similar to a Private Member's Bill in Canada whereby it doesn't reflect official party policy.