Game of Thrones

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Bulan The Khazar

"Kings, queens, knights and renegades use schemes and swords to battle for the throne."

9.5/10 from 7k+ votes says it all...

Can download episodes via torrent on eztv, or any torrent site. I think it might even be avail. free via stream on HBO's website, or elsewhere.

So far there have only been 4 episodes. Episode 5 airs this coming Sunday, on HBO.

Some of you may have read the books . If you have, you will have a leg up on the rest of us. The series is a bit confusing at first, dealing with multiple 'houses', and trying to figure out who is who, and of which house. For those who watch the first few episodes and get lost, the following might help:!/guide/houses/

Beware of spoilers though, as always, especially on the IMDB comments section.

I'll admit to nerding it up with the tv show, though not the books.

The show is well worth it for the dwarf guy alone - he's a damn fine actor.

Bob Dylan Roof