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First up, this fine site which mostly exemplifies the legenda aurea with suitable examples.

The word 'legend' with regard to a saint is not derogatory in context. The original meaning is 'that which is to be read' -- namely, the reading for the saint's day. The connotation of 'fabulous' and 'unbelievable' is a later interpretation of the word, which is here used properly and authentically.


Other links from the bottom of the same page:

Other useful sites for the study of Christian iconography and art history:

Acta Sanctorum (in Latin -- thousands of saints' lives)
Sloane Art Library: Christian Iconography (Bibliography, links)
Didron, Christian Iconography (tr. Millington 1851)
Art resources listed by the Labyrinth medieval database
Art-Roman.Net (French Romanesque art, architecture, in French)
Thais: 1200 Years of Italian Sculpture (in Italian)
Our own Santos in Oaxaca's Ancient Churches
Catholic Online Saints and Angels (religious site, exhaustive coverage)
Splendors of Christendom (academic sources, religious sponsor)
Christopher Witcombe's Art History Resources on the Web
Churches of Rome Wiki