Make your own Portal Sentry Turret Egg Cup

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I made this Portal Turret egg cup using materials I had at home. These materials are also widely available at hobby shops. It may be easier to create the egg cup with other methods, such as welding, machine working, 3D printing, etc., but I used what I had at hand. Makes breakfast a little more science-y.


Here is the materials and tools list. The image doesn't show everything and a few items I didn't use in the end.

Creating the Egg Cup Frame:
Floral or Garden wire, 1.5mm diameter (in black if possible)
Thin Aluminium Wire, 0.5mm or less*
Strong, non-toxic adhesive for metal work*
Various Dowels or other round objects
Helping Third Hand tool or a vise
Pliers and wire cutters

Creating the Egg Cup Decoration:
White Fimo
Black Fimo
Fimo Roller
Flexible Ruler*
Aluminium Foil*
Egg Shell, bottom half and empty*
Dremel & fine sanding tip (optional)*

Decorating the Egg:
Soft-Boiled Egg, cool enough to handle*
Red Felt Tip Pen
Black Felt Tip Pen

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