Be Afraid, Ladies

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Mighty Atom
Mighty Atom

I don't know about the others on here but I would never take the above drug or anything that would impede my ability to procreate because it is emasculating. Birth control is for the women.

Niccolo and Donkey
Yes, you eliminate your own vitality and become a woman by doing so :thumbsdown:

I knew one dumbass who had his tubes tied and then got divorced, remarried, and had to untie his tubes.
Team Zissou

After the Great Collapse and I have to repopulate the earth from my MILF harem, I will be glad I never got a vasectomy.


Orwell predicted the elite would press for reproduction without sex, but clearly they're moving toward sex without reproduction.

As 'Brave New World' predicted.

Huxley > Orwell.
Bronze Age Pervert

Intercourse is only worthwhile when you impregnate the woman, you zombify her thereby, and she carries your seed to her doom. I will be knocking up many girls soon! Fill her up, I say! Let them worship my seed.