Help Me Troll on Civil War Matters!

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Bronze Age Pervert

I want to troll libs and others who claim that the Civil War was about slavery. How do I do this? If not about slavery, what was it about? What other arguments and facts can I do to make them seethe :D

Niccolo and Donkey
Here is the best troll ever on the topic. It was done at the Atlantic Monthly earlier this year:


Read anything by Thomas J. DiLorenzo.


Nullification, Secession, Yankee business interests. Troll them with quotes of Lincoln that show he didn't give two shits about the slavery issue.

(From The Papers of Jefferson Davis , vol. 7, pp. 45–51). After announcing that the Confederate government was "anxious to cultivate peace and commerce with all nations" Davis said the following:

President Camacho
It's interesting that Davis specifies the "Northeastern States", not just the North. Southern leaders thought at the beginning of the war that not only Kentucky and Tennessee but also the "Northwestern" states like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa would be up for grabs, due to their similarity to the Southern agrarian lifestyle and the perceived need these states had for Mississippi River access into the Gulf of Mexico.

It may be that the German immigrants in these states tipped the unsteady balance solidly in favor of the Union.
Yes, that may be the case.

There is a story about Johnny Ringo and his fellow badmen taking time to hunt down and lynch pro-Union, German mayors of the towns in KS and MO. Maybe apocryphal, maybe true, but its demonstrative of the overall tenor of ethnic politics of the era nonetheless.
Bronze Age Pervert
Can you tell me where to find that Paul Johnson essay you mentioned...
Niccolo and Donkey
German and Irish. That was certainly the case in some border states, like Missouri, where the "damned dutch" made up most of the Union cannonfodder.