Italy: Senators aim to legalise the Fascist party

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Niccolo and Donkey
Italy: Senators aim to legalise the Fascist party


April 6, 2011

Rome, 6 April (AKI) - Five political allies of Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi have proposed legislation to Italy's senate that would overturn a 59-year-old law that makes it illegal to reform the Fascist party, founded by Benito Mussolini soon after World War I.

A senator from a rightist opposition party also signed his name to the proposed law submitted for review but was threatened with party expulsion by leader Gianfranco Fini - himself once a neo-Fascist - if he didn't rescind his support for the initiative, according to Italian news reports.

The politicians submitted the law to a senate committee on 29 March, according to news reports.

"Its a worrisome proposal," Roberto Pacifici, leader of the Jewish Community of Rome, said in newspaper Il Messaggero.

A 1952 law makes "apologising" for Fascism a crime in Italy, thus banning the Fascist party in the country where it was founded.

Neo-fascist parties have not hidden their sympathy for Mussolini's political ideas, though they have conspicuously left the world "fascism" out when describing their goals.
Niccolo and Donkey
Here's the view from the Independent UK :