Open Thread: What kind of regime would you institute if you had the power?

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Niccolo and Donkey

What kind of governing regime would you institute if you had the power to do so in your own country (or country of your choice)?

Please describe the political set up, the division of powers (if any), the rights of individuals (if any) and the economic policies that you would support.


The GODS demand SACRIFICE!!!


Transhumanist Libertarian Kritarchy, with a Shariah constitution.

Dr. Heywood R. Floyd

National Cuckoldry
National Transgressivity
National Asceticism
National Avenue (I grew up near that street)
National, Hebrew, beef franks*
National Greatness Conservatism**
National Obesity Epidemic
National Socialism (oh wait...)
National Capitalism ("They Saved Stalin's Brain" is a very popular film in any country where that ideology is put into effect)
National Car Rentalism
National Geographicistry
National Park Service (our country's motto: "Give a hoot!")
National Lottery (better chance to solve our fiscal crisis through purchasing lotto tickets, as opposed to more traditional methods)
National Archivism
National Security State (albeit with open borders, of course)
Natinal Disasterism (the ideology which animated the Bush/Cheney administration)

*Jews should be required to dine on pork no less than four nights per week, as per the ultra-esoteric doctrines of National Trollery.

**A real thing, but it still sounds like a joke.

Bob Dylan Roof

If I didn't have to take any practical concerns into consideration....

I would annihilate everything. I would dismantle the Federal Government in a way that redistributed its property to those who actually worked in each of the government's "industries," with the exception of the military. The military could remain intact, but a substantial portion of its weaponry would have to be redistributed to taxpayers and private firms. I would also dismantle the various State governments and leave municipal institutions as the only form of public government. This would, in turn, precipitate the collapse of ossified "capitalist" industries that depend on the state for their existence, rather than their own capacity for competition. Banks, patent rent-seekers in biotechnology, intellectual property cartels, military contractors, and any other "capitalist" parasites would go the way of the stagnant landed aristocracy and their privileges during previous revolutions.

These actions would hopefully stimulate the growth of the truly natural and excellent institution known as the city-state, which has dominated many of the greatest civilizations (Greek, Mayan, Renaissance Italy etc.) This would also precipitate great hardship and suffering, but it would be hardship that would generate a type of individual who fit the classical definition of freeman: that is, a man whose nature is intrinsically bound to liberty, who is self-sufficient, and who can never give himself over to the care of another individual or power for the sake of his own security. The rest of the population would find shelter with these men who, as merchants, robber-barons, kings, aristocrats, etc., would establish a rich variety of regimes, from oppressive collectivist associations to shining, enlightened bastions of freedom. Legal, economic, ethnic, cultural, and military conflict between regimes would select for the strongest and most impressive expressions of each domain, and a new era of prosperity and cultural production would dawn.

Niccolo and Donkey

This is helpful as this thread can serve as a sort of "faq" for individual members and their political philosophies.

I myself will give my positions later.