How Society Rejected Men and Created 4chan and Anonymous

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How Society Rejected Men and Created 4chan and Anonymous

by Raliv on March 9, 2011

I unfortunately stumbled across the 4chan community last year during the Julian Assange Wikileaks escapade when 4chan and the cyberbullying group Anonymous started DDOSing Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal in retaliation for those financial sites denying donations to Wikileaks. Needless to say, I was intrigued by the 4chan /b/site and its community, so I did some research on the history of the site and browsed occasionally during classes.

What I discovered was more of a cultural phenomenon than website. What is 4chan all about? It would be easier to contrast it to what it is not: Facebook, the darling of the Internet. We all know the real purpose of Facebook: a means for girls to whore themselves out and bask in the glow of male attention after uploading pictures of themselves in various states of undress. Any male on Facebook is at an immediate disadvantage as it honestly does nothing for him unless he documents his life to show his high value lifestyle. It is for this reason that many young men who have no such lifestyle have chosen to fuck Facebook, fuck MySpace, and fuck Twitter too as it does his game no good to provide women the ability to snoop on his life.

Here is where 4chan comes in: it is the exact opposite of Facebook, as 4chan is naturally engineered to those with no identity. While 4chan is officially an image-board, there is no profile, no friends count, no identity whatsoever. You are an anonymous poster and that is the beauty of it. While there are moderators who supposedly enforce “rules,” the rules are largely ignored by anonymous posters. There is an appealing lack of leadership on 4chan with no egos or personalities deciding what happens.

The other major appealing aspect of 4chan is the site’s lack of memory. The site contains no history and no files are saved, making 4chan the location where “cancer”, filth, and porn are uploaded with no backlash or bans (mostly). Threads only last for minutes before 404ing. This ensures that the only threads that are bumped and survive are the most popular threads, resulting in a hive-mind type of anarchism. It is mob rule. As nothing is saved and nobody can stand out, there is no reason individuals would ever come to the site looking for attention, advice, or motivation. Whiners are instead told to “kill yourself” when asking for advice. Now think back to how Facebook attention whores are quick to boost egos of some fat chick. The anonymous nature of 4chan does not ask who you are or your life status. Being Anonymous is a type of security, as everyone is equal. There is no hierarchy. Nobody is better looking, nobody has more money, nobody is smarter, nobody has more sex, nobody is a loser. There is even no need to be a female or post a picture of yourself. Posters embrace their lack of identity, finding power in being nobody.

In the eyes of Anonymous, any poster who announces being a female or otherwise exposes their own identity is violating the entire structure of being anonymous. Those who expose themselves are ridiculed to no end. In fact, “femanons” who announce their female identity are quickly and not politely admonished by the entire board to post pictures of “tits or GTFO.” Anonymous rationalizes that any female to divulge her sex to 4chan is seeking attention and power and therefore must show her tits. There honestly is no reason otherwise to being a female on 4chan.

I asked myself why Anonymous and 4chan users would concern themselves with DDOSing sites like Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal and why they would care at all about Julian Assange, a creepy asshole. Sure, the official Anonymous response was to ensure free speech on the Internet but I really didn’t buy it. Anonymous may enjoy posting shit all over the internet but I highly doubt that the majority of them are the 1st Amendment advocates they say they are. It’s much more likely that Anonymous DDOSed the sites for the same reason they troll the rest of the internet: why not? Anonymous seems to have nothing to really do, no real goals or hobbies except video games and porn. They enjoy pranking and bullying people because they think it is funny to disrupt, troll, and wreak havoc on the polite and politically correct Internet. The reason they like Assange is because he is similar to them and they want to piss people off in the same way Assange does.

Harmless fun, you say. Wait. You think Anonymous is only capable of amusing memes and pranks? Think again:

And guess what site Robert Hawkins used to browse before shooting nine people in Omaha?

This kind of thing goes on…

Anonymous members have directed debased and perverse postings to young people, often emotionally vulnerable, goading them to take their own lives. They have posted photographs and instructions online encouraging suicide and murder.

They have exploited the grief of a family who lost a loved one. The parents of a 7th-grader who shot himself with a rifle were bombarded with prank calls for over a year concerning his death. Anonymous joked about his death, hacked into his MySpace page and turned his face into a zombie.

Anonymous insiders have admitted to vandalism, bomb threats, plans to create and use pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails against the Church of Scientology, and other illegal tactics of their hate campaign.

and on…

Fox News aired a special report exposing Anonymous in July 2007, after Anonymous hacked a MySpace account and plastered it with images of gay pornography.

In response, Anonymous assaulted Fox News computers with massive attacks from multiple computers, designed to overload Fox’s computers and make them inaccessible–known as a Distributed Denial of Service, or “DDoS” attack.

and on…

4Chan’s /b/ board launched an Internet gang-up on an 11-year-old girl, Jessi Slaughter, who had been the target of dubious Internet rumors about an underage sex scandal. They posted her real name, phone number, address and social networking information and spearheaded a campaign of Internet and real-life harassment.

So what is their reasoning for this behavior? According to online posting by Anonymous, here is what they believe:

“We will stop at nothing until we’ve achieved our goal. Permanent destruction of the identification role.”

“Some maladjusted Asian shoots up his university, we laugh. Fifty-thousand die in North Korea, we laugh. AIDS ravages a continent, we laugh.”

“We are human nature unencumbered by pointless ethics, foolish moralities or arbitrary laws and restrictions.”

“We have no culture, we have no laws, written or otherwise. We are an autonomous collective, each an insignificant part of a whole. We do not feel remorse. We will tear you apart from outside and in, we have all the time in the world.”

“Right or wrong? No. We destroy for destruction’s sake.”

“Welcome to nihilism made manifest in Western Civilization.”

“Strong nihilism has emerged in resentment of a superfluous society.”

Why does Anonymous hate society so much?

If you can get beyond the mindless amounts of pornography, gore, filth, cancer, racism, rate me threads, pranks, and forced memes, you will realize (unsurprisingly) that Anonymous is comprised of young men who are sexually frustrated and lonely.