James Bond a feminist: Daniel Craig + Judi Dench produce "awareness ad" for gender equality

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President Camacho

Now even James Bond can be neutered! Watch the shocking video as Craig allows Dench to twist his nuts narrating her gender guilt trip, and after a refocus Craig reappears zombie-like in women's garb looking like a transsexual!

Watch the video:

Bob Dylan Roof

Today, political competition consists in the enumeration of statistics that suggest your party's poor performance can be explained by the prejudice of others.

The statistical guilt trip is based on lies. Dench obfuscates the station of women in modern western society by diluting the numbers with statistics from the third world and Islamic countries. The pay gap between men and women with the same credentials is meaningless because previous women's crusades have made it impossible to compare men and women on their actual merits: first, employment-related IQ tests have been outlawed by the judiciary (at least in America, I'm sure it's the same across the western world), and second, women with degrees identical to those of their male counterparts were matriculated on the basis of an unequal appraisal of women's abilities relative to men.