Islamist rebel urges 'total war' with Russia

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Niccolo and Donkey
Islamist rebel urges 'total war' with Russia


March 3, 2011

The Chechen Islamist rebel leader who is Russia's most wanted man has issued an appeal for recruits for a "total war" against the Russian state, in a new video message posted on Thursday.

"A total war is in progress, fight the enemy where ever you can," Doku Umarov said standing alongside two other militants in a snow-covered forest in a video posted on militant website

As well as repeating calls for women to join the rebellion, Umarov called on Russian Muslims from outside the Caucasus like the Volga regions of Tatarstan and Bashkortostan to join the insurgency.

Umarov, whose Caucasus Emirate group aims to impose Islamic rule throughout the Northern Caucasus, has claimed responsibility for the Moscow airport attack in January that killed 37 and the 2010 metro attacks that killed 40.
Niccolo and Donkey
President Camacho

"Khazar Power!"

Cadavre Exquis

The move that occurred years ago away from an indigenous ethnic Caucasian insurgency to an Islamist one was not a good sign.

Now, this call for Muslim Bashkirs and Tatars to join is even more desperate. They're not the most pious Muslims, and have deep connections to the Russian state going back some 500 years. Oil politics also comes into play here.


They made the switch to pan-Islamism because it united the Ciscaucasian Muslims (no longer a divide between Dagestanis, Chechens, Ingush, Karachay, etc) and it brought in Jihadist volunteers, funds, arms, and cheers. A very important move and not the first time they've emphasized their religion to unlock the Jihad therein.

The Islamist insurgency against Russia is doing well.

Cadavre Exquis
Not at all.

They insurgents are in a bad spot. While the pan-Islamist angle may have been successful at first, foreign volunteers and funds are now slowly drying up. The local populace has gotten a taste of dat oil-well scrilla, and they aren't too keen on turning to the Wahhabis to provide infrastructure, jobs, etc. There will always be a place for radicals in the North Caucasus, but the power they exert has been significantly diminished in the last 10 years.
Bronze Age Pervert
Many in the West are surprised Putin didn't take more drastic action after Beslan or after the last airport attack. Such as removing the population Stalin-style to Siberia, or something similar. What are people saying in Russia about this? How do they tolerate weakness from the government?

The Russian state should attempt rapprochement with the Czarist nobility...many boyars were of Tatar background (Rachmaninoff is an example). They should be called back to lead the Tatar people to loyalty to Russia.
The insurgents have spread to every Islamic Republic, whereas they were confined to Chechnya, have been cleaning out ethnic Russians, have been opening shariah courts in the rural parts, and have conducted several attacks on Russians and their collaborators without significant counter action. They have one remaining obstacle to victory, and that's the network of indigenous mafia Putin pays to hold the capitals. If you look at the conflict in its centuries, they're doing much better today than a generation ago, certainly better than the Soviet era. Ten years ago they had more control in Grozny, for example, but other than that, I can't see how they are worse or weaker.

They realized moving the Muslims to other parts of Russia was a mistake because it only spread the problem. They can keep the Muslims contained in the Caucasus. Secondly, it isn't so easy to forcibly transfer an armed population. These aren't naive Jews on box carts anymore, or Injuns on the trail of tears. They're neck slicing, bomb-vest wearing savages.
Aside from using chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons, Russia has done everything it can in the Caucasus to defeat the Muslim insurgency, and yet it lives after hundreds of years. There are two possibilities;
1. They hold onto a demographic suicide pill. Ethnic Russians have a low birthrate relative to Russian administered Muslims. Insisting on Gazprom in the South Caspian will see Mosques on the Moskva River.
2. They grant them their independence. No more incentive for anti-Russian Jihad, Russian taxpayers are free of them.
Or they can go WMD, in which case they'll issue a greeting to every Jihadi in the world to not only come for Russia, but to come for Russia as hard as they can. And as we saw when Saddam tried it on the Kurds, it probably won't even work, and the Mountain Muslims will replace their losses with a couple seasons of unprotected fucking.
Cadavre Exquis
The insurgents are confined to the North Caucasus, as they always have been. Other Muslims within Russia aren't interested in insurgency. Most non-Chechens fled the region in the early 90's - this was not caused by the switch to an Islamist coalition. The manage to establish shariah courts in the countryside because that's all they control - hills, gorges and forests. No strategic centres are occupied.

Anyway, I explained before how they are worse off. The conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq have sapped substantial manpower and funds; AFAIK these are the preferred destinations for mujahideen looking to earn their stripes.