Riots in Croatia?

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Bulan The Khazar

Several people were injured in the clashes that erupted between anti-government protesters and police in the Croatian capital Zagreb.
The protests against the Government of Jadranka Kosor began on Thursday evening in several Croatian cities including Zagreb.
The demonstrators are demanding the resignation of the government.
Law enforcement officers clashed with protesters gathered in Zagreb, after they tore down a road sign and tried to break through barriers. They dispersed the protesters with tear gas, arrests continue.


Economic hardship. Protesters blame the politicians for economic hardship. They claim government corruption and mismanagement causes economic hardship.

Bulan The Khazar

lol why they mad tho?


Soon his home will be self-liberated and Nic can return from his exile to the harsh climes and tight jeans of Toronto.

Ever met a Croat?
Niccolo and Donkey

Two groups of demonstrators here:

1. War Veterans upset at the regime for not doing enough to prevent the extradiction from Bosnia to Serbia of a war veteran
2. "the Facebookists" - youth who want the ruling gov't to resign and call new elections. Some of these are professional agitators, and there are claims that opposition parties are behind them financially

Anthony Cash

As if these protesters would make any positive changes at all. Haven't they forgotten about the last time a SDP-led coalition were elected into power to govern the country, as if that's a viable alternative to the now de-Tudjmanised HDZ? Oh these agitators either they can't think or they are shills for the opposition.