An 'African-American' attacks, robs, and racially intimidates white male in bar.

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President Camacho
Not to justify anything the bouncer did (he should have immediately let him go after nothing came of the search), but that white kid had to be selling something and just didn't have the pills/powder on him. Or had them up his ass. If you get beaten and robbed for $300 dollars chances are you'll report it to the authorities unless you're dealing and can make it up again quick anyway.

I guess it's not uncommon to carry that much cash at a strip club, and from the article it looks like these bouncers had a history of assault/theft but that makes the white kid's response even worse. An innocent man will only become angry and indignant at being detained and questioned. The fact that this kid was insecure and submissive indicates either guilt or more likely the Western Faggot complex.

How any self-respecting "man" can get on his knees and "bow to the brown man" is a disgrace. I would have told that nigger to fuck off on that request even if I had an ounce of cocaine in my asscrack and he kept pummeling me.
President Camacho

You can hear the bouncer saying that he doesn't care what people do in the club unless you "fuck with my money", and that "when you sell to these girls, they don't move like they should, and that's money out of my pocket."

That's pretty funny because I don't think strippers can function without drugs. Maybe he suspected the kid of selling them the wrong kind of drugs...

Niccolo and Donkey

Who gives a fuck? This belongs at VNN :thumbsdown: