Killing pigs: modern Russian partisans show the way

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6 Russian guys started a war against the local corrupt police, killing at least 4 policemen, injuring at least 4 others.

Six young Russians became so angry about police brutality in their area that they took up arms to fight back. Lucy Ash asks what motivated the group and why so many ordinary Russians supported their extreme actions.

A group of six young men in Primorye, in Russia's Far East, declared a guerrilla war against what they described as corrupt police. Their attacks included shooting traffic policemen, raiding a village police station and stabbing an officer to death there. The group posted videos on the internet to explain their motives. Many people in the Far East and beyond supported them: a poll on Ekho Moskvy radio indicated that 60-75% of listeners sympathised with the "young Robin Hoods" and would offer them help.


But to the authorities' disgust, many ordinary Russians back the "Primorsky Partisans". Graffiti across the city reads "Glory to the Partisans" and "Partisans your courage will not be forgotten".

On the seafront, a young sailor tells me the police deserved the treatment they got and added that it "was a brave thing for six guys to do".

Avrora Rimskaya says the Partisans' acts cannot be justified
At the car market, another young man is blunter. "They did the right thing - the police are just legalised bandits," he says. In Moscow, 71% of callers to a popular radio station supported the description of the youngsters as "Robin Hoods".

I translated part of their appeal to the Russian policemen:

All you can do is torture that drunken people in the police department ... We are honest people, and you are scum, so we will fight with you to the last, until you kill us, or until we win .. most likely you will kill us. But we will not fear .... People will be on our side, anyway. Because justice is on our side. We have already won. We conquered fear and cowardice, you could never win ... We have no weapons to fight you, but still we are not afraid of you and will fight you. And this is not some spontaneous event ... no, we purposefully planned to specifically kill you gangsters. You are the real criminals ... You cover up drug trafficking, prostitution, wood thievry... everyone knows that, and everyone's afraid of you because you have the authority ... people are afraid of you, but know that there are still people who are not afraid of you, who will shoot at your badge and you will eat your straps when we stuff them into your dead mouth ... All you can do is to terrorize the people, helpless and submissive, who is accustomed to indignity, and your so-called mighty empire, the Russian Federation, is entirely based on alcoholism, slavery and cowardice. One day it will collaps, and you will fall into the abyss with it. You can deceive those commoners whose servile essence doesn't allow them to see through your lies, but you can not fool God because He sees everything, and you'll have to answer for what you've done ... You'll suffer for your deeda, and the time will come when there are not only six young men, but more real men take up arms and decline to tolerate these humiliations and continue doing this good deed for the better of the nation ... to make you fear too.