Rolling Stone; Petraeus's Afghan Plan

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He's trying to do the same thing they did in Iraq; replace withdrawing combat troops with local mafia.
The best nugget in this article is the anecdote of America's Afghan Abu Risha, Abdul Razzik.

Notorious druglord Razzik on the left, with American uniforms, vehicles, weapons, intel, and cash.
President Camacho

When 90% of the world's opium is coming out of your country, every powerful figure is going to be involved in the drug trade. Just like Columbia, every faction, both pro- and anti- government, will be taking a piece of the pie.

I'm wondering what America's long term plan for Afghanistan is though. Like Iraq, short-term measures to stop the bleeding by Petraeus are being hailed as groundbreaking steps towards everlasting Democracy.

Niccolo and Donkey
Long-term plan for Afghanistan is:

1. military bases to continue to allow an American presence in Central Asia, near to Russia and China, as well as Iran
2. transit route through which to funnel Central Asian natural wealth from the Stans