'Super pack' of 400 wolves terrorise remote Russian town

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Niccolo and Donkey

400 is simply massive.


Bronze Age Pervert

These settlers have not paid their respects to the lord of the forest, the wooden totem lies in obscurity without the joy of oblations; no smoke from the roasted backs of kine and lambs please him. Now his wrath is unleashed.

President Camacho

From the comments:

I will say any more than 40 or 50 wolves in a pack would be very impressive, even if it wasn't 400.

The Western Faggot perspective:
Dr. Heywood R. Floyd

The Western faggot is right that characterizing wolves as "bloodthirsty" is juvenile. But obviously these wolves need to be taught a lesson in Human Supremacy. I support any reasonable action in order to achieve that effect, up to and including the systematic extermination of the entire herd (although I very much doubt that would be necessary). Shame about the lack of prey game, though.

Spring: She is a comin'.


We need to unleash the Red Savage in the russian tundra with nothing but a loincloth and a sharpened stick. That should take care of this tremendous problem. Or at least make for good interview material in the aftermath.


I think it's a tremendous and interesting political situation.