Egypt Back to Normal, Harmless Hippies Camp Out in Tahrir Square & Mubarak Ignores Them

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Cowards. Muslims are talkers, demonstrators. They take great pride in being beaten because they cherish victimhood. The military promised it would not fire on them, yet they didn't overrun Mubarak's palaces, they didn't ransack every ministry, and they failed to change anything.

Now, when those among them resort to Al Qaeda, having seen peaceful opposition does nothing, and resort to bombs and bullets to oust the despot... the 'moderate' majority will denounce them, deny them, even cry conspiracy that their attacks are false-flags by the CIA, Mossad, or Mubarak.

If I were Israeli I would invade the whole Arab world, deport its people to Antarctica, and be done with it. It couldn't be harder than pushing an old woman over.