Kosovo: an Integral Part of Greater Croatia

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Anthony Cash

Let the Shiptars (Albanians) and the Chedos (Serbs) duke it out over that shithole of a country, or province if you prefer. I don't care either way over who eventually wins control over Kosovo.

If I want a Greater Croatia, it should not be extended beyond the Drina and Sava Rivers and should reach as far east as the suburb of Zemun in Belgrade. That excludes the Sandzak that some Croatian nationalists include in their vision of a "Greater Croatia", and includes the entire Montenegrin coast, as well as the Istrian peninsula in it's entirety, plus Trieste (Trst).

Remember the Adriatic coast is the mostly valuable piece of real estate. Let the orientals to the east of the Drina keep their respective ratholes of civilisational inferiority and economic backwardness.

The frog eaters (Italians) and the alpine chedos (Slovenes) in Istria, as well as the brainwashed Serbianised Vlachs and formerly Croat 'Bosnjaks' of Croatia proper and Bosnia can fuck off as far as I'm concerned from our homeland.